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Happy Birthday Brother Gregg Allman!

Posted by jhochstat on December 8, 2008

Last year, our beloved Beacon run was postponed due to your health issues.  This upcoming year’s Beacon shows will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Allman Brothers Band.  Through it all you somehow always manage to persevere and come out stronger in the end.  I hope that 2008 doesn’t spell the retirement of the Allman Brothers Band, you guys are hitting on all cylinders with Warren & Derek as one of the most talented and powerful guitar duos in rock history on the same stage night after night.

Thanks for all of the great years of live shows, vinyl, 8 tracks, cassettes and cd’s that are in my collection.  Please keep the music coming for years to come!

Gregg Allman – Come And Go Blues (Solo Acoustic)

Gregg Allman, Dave Matthews & Warren Haynes – Melissa (Farm Aid 9.9.07)

Gregg Allman – Trouble No More (Charlie Musslewhite on Harmonica)

The Allman Brothers Band – You Don’t Love (Live on David Letterman)


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