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Friday Food-On hiatus this week, off to Montauk for Labor Day

Posted by jhochstat on August 28, 2008

Montauk Point Lighthouse

Montauk Point Lighthouse

Friday Food will return September 5th, hope everyone has a great Labor Day!


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More Free Outdoor Movies-Stand By Me in Thompkins Sq Park Tonight

Posted by jhochstat on August 27, 2008

Via What’s Up NYC

Nothing like that movie from your childhood involving a dead body, a fat Jerry O’Connel and the adventure of a lifetime! Should be a great movie to check on a cool August night in Tompkins Square. Be sure to check it out!

@Tompkins Square Park
Location: 330 E 10th St (map)
Starts: 9 PM
Cost: Free

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Rushmore at McCarren Pool Tonight (Possibly Last Summer Screening Ever!)

Posted by jhochstat on August 26, 2008

Via What’s Up NYC

Here is a free viewing not to pass up! Tonight at the McCarren Pool Wes Anderson’s Rushmore will be getting shown with an introduction by Kent Jones of the Lincoln film archives. The King Left will be performing before the film which should be awesome! So come on out with your blankets and get ready for that quarky Wes Anderson style! This is possibly the last Summer Series screening ever, so be sure to come out!

@ McCarren Park Pool
Lorimer St btwn Bayard St & Driggs Ave, Greenpoint (map)
Time: 8- 8:30 PM
Cost: Free

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Friday Food-Turduckhen

Posted by jhochstat on August 21, 2008

via WhiteTrashBBQ by WhiteTrashBBQ on 8/20/08

Thanks to Kevin Lincoln founder of the NY BBQ Lover’s Meetup Group, here are some pictures of the turduckhen we cooked on Saturday into early morning Sunday at the Hudson Valley Ribfest.

The Cajun Grocer supplied us with this magnificent bird or I guess I should say birds since a turduckhen is a semi-boneless turkey stuffed with a de-boned duck stuffed with a de-boned chicken.

Following the manufacturers and FDA’s guidelines I cooked this bird to the recommended 165 degrees which in my opinion is over cooked. I(n the pictures, you can see where the heat overtook the skin in a few places. I should have pulled the bird off the cooker at 155 or so and let it rest until it reached it’s proper temps. This bird was cooked over a charcoal and apple wood fire for close to 10 hours.

When I started cooking this bird, its internal temperatures registered a chilly 34 degrees!

This bird is still delicious, even a bit overcooked. Turkey, duck, chicken and two types of stuffing all meld into one incredible meal.

If you buy one of these birds, and I highly recommend that you do, remember it takes about 5 days to defrost one of these suckers in the refrigerator.

Be prepared.

But also be prepared to have a fantastic and memorable meal. Every time I make one of these beasts it becomes the talk of the party.

Buy one. Now.

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Friday Food-Sam Mason Is Smokin’ (As in Barbecuing)

Posted by jhochstat on August 21, 2008

via Grub Street – New York Magazine’s Food and Restaurant Blog on 8/20/08

Studio B’s rooftop is out of commission, but the hipster barbecues continue, and the next one (the final one of the summer) will feature none other than Sam Mason (“Smoked foie and peanut butter foam — come and get ’em!”). The new location is Hope Lounge, and the first 50 folks to show up there next Wednesday at 7 p.m. will get aprons sporting the pig you see on the flyer. Use ’em at your next hipster butchering class.

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Friday Food-Eat for Charity! “Let Us Eat Local,” September 9 in NYC

Posted by jhochstat on August 21, 2008

via The Kitchn

There’s a great event coming up next month at Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City. Some of New York’s best chefs (Tom Colicchio, Bill Telepan) will be preparing food grown within 250 miles of the city in a celebration benefiting local farms and fresh food initiatives. And there will be dancing! Get all the details, below…

Folk rock singer Adrienne Young, a local food advocate, will be performing. And since it wouldn’t be a gala without awards, Just Food (which is organizing the event) will be honoring NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn for her work in supporting fresh food access in neighborhoods across the city. Tickets start at $125 for Just Food members; $150 for non-members.

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Friday Food-Dude, Where’s My Restaurant?

Posted by jhochstat on August 21, 2008

via Zagat Buzz: New York City by BuzzEditor on 8/20/08
By Garth Johnston, Staff Writer

Remember that hot new restaurant that was supposed to open last year? Yeah, we’re still waiting too.

n the August doldrums, it’s easy for the hungry mind to wander from the Olympics toward the promises of the upcoming fall restaurant openings. As we focus on the Next Big Thing, we often forget about the hyped restaurants of seasons past that still haven’t opened yet, that never materialized after all the buzz about how cool they were going to be. Now, we’ll be the first to admit that launching a restaurant is tough – you need a chef, a concept, a space, a staff and the money to put them all together, not to mention a tremendous amount of time to sort through all of the paperwork. Anytime a restaurant gives an opening date that isn’t today (ok, fine, or this week), we take it with a grain of salt. But even with a cup of salt, the distance from a restaurant’s announcement to its actual opening can still manage to stretch forever (we’re looking at you, 10 Downing). With that in mind, let’s look at two specific kinds of nonexistent restaurants: the big pushes that missed the pool and the ones that got lost in the move.

How to Make Millions Disappear

The discussion of failed restaurants that never were has to begin with Magic Underground. The grand poohbah of stillborn restaurants, Underground was to be an epic magic-themed restaurant in Times Square with magician David Copperfield as its public face, the late Joe Baum (Windows on the World) running the operation and David Rockwell designing it. With $34 million in backing from Walt Disney and the insurance company Conseco, Underground was such a sure thing there was even talk of outlets in Disney’s theme parks in California, Paris and Tokyo. But for various reasons, the magic just wasn’t there. Though 85% of the restaurant was completed, not one customer was ever served. Announced in 1997, the restaurant was dead by 1999. Parts of the building eventually became Mamma Sbarro’s and the nightclub Noche, later replaced by the recently troubled Spotlight Live.

Another celeb-backed spot that looked like it was going to happen and then disappeared before opening day was a chicken-and-waffles joint in Harlem from the human beatbox himself, Doug E. Fresh. Though pictures of the place showed up online and Fresh even gave interviews about Doug E.’s last September, we haven’t heard a peep since.

And then there’s The General Store. Backed by porn star Jenna Jameson and Heatherette designer Richie Rich, according to Page Six, the bar/clothing store was to be located in a former whorehouse in Chinatown but they declined to say exactly where or when. The duo claimed to be shooting for a 2008 opening, so there’s still time for them to pull it off, but we’re not holding our breath.

In a slightly different vein are the big-name outsiders who make noise about looking for a home in the big city but then, unable to work New York’s insane real estate in their favor, quietly slink away. LA’s burger chain Fatburger was rumored to be interested in coming to the Big Apple with locations in Harlem, Midtown and the Village. But nothing seems to have happened, and no New York locations are currently listed on the chain’s coming soon page. A similar fate seems to have struck the ever-popular Floridian Joe’s Stone Crab, which, despite rumors of a New York outpost, doesn’t seem to be in much hurry to get its claws here.

Lost in Translation

And then there are the movers, places that existed in one NYC location (or more) but were forced out for various reasons. For instance, the East Village Yacht Club left its First Street digs in February (replaced by Arlo & Esme) and briefly moved into the former Kelley and Peng space on Second Street before evacuating so NBC could use the space for a cooking reality show called The Chopping Block. Though the bar may well return, we haven’t heard a word in quite awhile.

Another one whose reincarnation we’re waiting for is Lo Scalco. The well-reviewed but short-lived Italian closed in summer 2006 on Church Street with plans to start over in a better, more appropriate Midtown location. Sadly, that was the last we heard of it. Similarly, after leaving TriBeCa in August 2006, the sports bar Buster’s Garage has announced two new locations only to buck up against community backlash each time.

And then there’s the plight of celebrity chef Will Goldfarb. After making enough of a name for himself with his treats temple, Room 4 Dessert, to garner a six-page profile in The New Yorker, an ownership dispute forced Goldfarb to kill the restaurant in May 2007. Though a sequel was promised, it has yet to materialize. In the meantime Goldfarb has busied himself with sandwich stands and a specialty powders-and-spice online store called WillPowder.

Less highfalutin but still very popular, University Place barbecue haven BBQ (not to be confused with Dallas BBQ) abruptly closed last fall to make way for a bank. Rumor had it that the restaurant was going to move further west on Eighth Street, but almost a year later nothing has happened. And then there is the imaginatively titled Burger Joint (no relation to the Le Parker Meridien establishment of the same name) that used to flip patties at 220 Third Avenue. After being closed by the Department of Health in May 2007, it planned to move across the street. But as far as we can tell, the burgers are still waiting for the green light.

Of course, we do expect some of these places to find a new home eventually. On the “more likely to reappear in some form” side is the infamous nightspot the Copacabana. After the third incarnation of the hottest spot north of Havana closed last June (to make way for a subway station), the owners have been holding lots of events at the Columbus 72 venue, but still have hopes for a permanent home. One location, on West 18th Street, was briefly announced, but nothing seems to have been finalized.

With such a glut of press covering the food industry in New York, it’s hard to blame a restaurant-to-be for trying to get some hype before opening (or re-opening, as the case may be). And we’re always happy when restaurants open in our fair city, but as we enter into the annual season of hype that is fall, it can be instructive to remember that hype can sometimes be just that: hype.

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Tiger Woods Walks on Water

Posted by jhochstat on August 21, 2008

As a response to a fan video from Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 08, Tiger Woods and EA SPORTS demonstrate that the “glitch” Levinator25 thought he found in the game, is not a glitch at all.

was in response to this:

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Dave Matthews Band Establishes Memorial Fund in Honor of LeRoi Moore

Posted by jhochstat on August 21, 2008

LEROI MOORE 1961-2008

Via Dave Matthews Band Site


We would like to take a moment at this sad time to thank everyone for the outpouring of condolences and notes celebrating LeRoi’s life. Thank you for the many inquiries we have received about making a gift in LeRoi’s name. A fund has been created in honor of LeRoi Moore in support of charities that reflect both his spirit and passion. Donations via check referencing the “Charlottesville Area Community Foundation for the LeRoi Moore Memorial Fund” may be mailed to:

Charlottesville Area Community Foundation
PO Box 1767
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Donations may also be made online by clicking here.

Please make sure to reference “LeRoi Moore Memorial Fund” in the comments section if making a gift online.

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Posted by jhochstat on August 20, 2008

Via Stax Musem Blog

The Stax Museum marquee – Photo by Ronnie Booze.

Needless to say, it has been a very emotional time for the Soulsville Foundation, as it as the rest of the Stax music family and many others, since Isaac Hayes passed away on August 10th. While the foundation has other plans in the works, today, August 20, 2008 will be honoring his memory and his legacy on what would have been Isaac’s 66th birthday with a special celebration in the Stax Music Academy and The Soulsville Charter School.

The event will include:

Welcome/Occasion: Soulsville Charter School Chancellor and Stax Music Academy Executive Director Cary Booker;

Introduction of the Soulsville Symphony Orchestra & brief remarks: Soulsville Charter School orchestra instructor Bobby Hawkins;

Soulsville Symphony Orchestra: Performance of Isaac Hayes’ “Theme From Shaft” and other musical selections;

Brief Remarks: Soulsville Charter School students;

Remarks: Soulsville Foundation CEO Marc E. Willis;

Closing Remarks: Soulsville Charter School Principal NeShante Brown

Guests at the Stax Museum will be invited to attend. The event should last approximately 30 minutes. Special photographs of Isaac Hayes will be on display.

Please check back by visiting the Stax Museum News Blog at for further updates.

We miss you, Isaac.

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