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Radiohead’s Real Rainbows Data Revealed???

Posted by T Rex on October 16, 2008

The report claims the band made over $3 million and goes on to say it proves the business model is successful with the right band with the right content. I don’t buy it…this stunt could never work again, I don’t care who the band is.

Warner Chappell, Radiohead’s distributor, is announcing that the band “sold” 3 million copies of In Rainbows, the album that they essentially gave away online in a pay-what-you-want scheme. The reports are that they made more on the album than they did on their previous dumpling, Hail to the Thief.

Read the rest of the article here.


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New ‘In Rainbows’ Data

Posted by T Rex on August 3, 2008

New data was released this week that showed that huge numbers of people still illegally downloaded the album even though Radiohead was giving it away for free.

Read this article from the Financial Times on why the music industry should embrace illegal file-sharing websites.

“Rights-holders should be aware that these non-traditional venues are stubbornly entrenched, incredibly popular and will never go away,” said Eric Garland, co-author of the study, which concluded there was strong brand loyalty to controversial “torrent” and peer-to-peer service.

Radiohead kicked off the second half of their North American Tour on Friday night and helped Lollapalooza mark the first time it ever sold out of tickets.

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New Radiohead Video-House of Cards

Posted by T Rex on July 15, 2008

Google has partnered with Radiohead to promote the band’s music video for the song “House of Cards” from the album In Rainbows.

Wired did a great piece on the making of the new Radiohead video using only lasers. Radiohead continues to be on the cutting edge of just about everything. See the behind the scenes here.

House of Cards is one of my favorite songs on In Rainbows.

Watch the entire video here.

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Pandora’s Streaming App for iPhone

Posted by T Rex on July 13, 2008

Despite the glitches with the new iPhone’s I’ve been reading about over the weekend this new Pandora app is breaking new grounds in mobile music. I’ve been a fan of Pandora for a while and met the guys behind the technology at a recent music show in SF. I’ve yet to buy into the whole iPhone “have to have one” mentality but if these are the types of apps that keep getting released and enhanced I might have to jump on board.

The resulting Pandora App is a pleasure to use. Navigation is effortless, and feels nearly exactly like using the iPhone’s native iPod application, with album covers that slide from left to right as one song switches to the next and the same stations and 500,000-song catalog available on Pandora via the web. Songs stream in mono 64 Kbps MP3; the iPhone doesn’t support high-quality streaming codecs such as AACPlus, an omission Conrad calls “sort of disappointing.” However, the Pandora App sounded fine when I heard it on a 1G iPhone connected via the Edge network.

If you hear a song you like, you can rate it thumbs up or thumbs down, view the album art or find out why Pandora chose the song for you, as with the web version. All ratings count in your general Pandora profile for each station.

You can bookmark any currently-playing song or artist to your Pandora profile page, or if you hear something you really like, another click brings up the song for purchase in the iTunes music store. And yes, it’s possible to create new Pandora stations from within the Pandora iPhone App.

Read the entire Wired article here.

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Rock Band Takes Fans on an ‘Amazing Journey’ With The Who

Posted by jhochstat on July 1, 2008

Today, MTV Games and Harmonix, the masterminds behind Rock Band, announced that it is releasing the greatest hits of legendary band The Who, available for download online. “The Best of the The Who: Rock Band Edition,” is set for release on July 15 and will provide fans with a dozen of The Who’s best songs, including classics “Amazing Journey,” “Baba O’ Riley,” and “Sea & Sand,” three songs from the Live at Leeds Album, and more.

“We are very excited to be working so closely with [The Who] on this release for Rock Band,” says Paul DeGooyer from SVP Electronic Games and Music for MTV. “The Who is consistently one of our most requested bands, and it is great to be able to bring this exclusive compilation of their music to the Rock Band community.”

Each song will be available for $1.99 on July 15 at the Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox 360 and at the Playstation Store for Playstation 3 or for $19.99 for the entire collection of tracks.

Via: App Scout

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Just Plain Cool Audio Gear – miShare

Posted by jhochstat on May 11, 2008

A Brooklyn, NY startup named miShare, has created a product, which could bring back the mating ritual of mixtape-swapping (but a modern version of it). The gadget allows you to swap music, photos, and anything else you can fit on your iPod.

Instead wasting a CD on a paternal love interest, you simply attach your iPods to the miShare to transfer your mix. Depending on their iPod and setup, they may or may not be able to listen or view the files right away. They may have to wait until they get home, since it swaps the files to the disk area of the iPod. The miShare works with all Mini, Nano, 3G, 4G, Video 5th Generation, and Classic 6th Generation iPod models.

The device retails for $99 and is available now.

Via: Crunchgear

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Just Plain Cool Audio Gear – DJ GO Portable Turntables Concept

Posted by jhochstat on May 6, 2008

(Image courtesy Design Continuum, Inc.)

By Andrew Liszewski of OhGizmo

It will be a long time before digital turntables completely overtake their analog predecessors, but you can’t argue that carrying a hard drive full of MP3s to a gig is a lot easier than hauling crates full of vinyl. And it’s that convenience aspect that the Design Continuum has taken one step further with their DJ GO concept. The system is composed of a set of MP3/CD turntables with a built-in mixer that can fold up into a convenient single package.

[ DJ GO ] VIA [ Gizmo Watch ]

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Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1 Coming in July

Posted by jhochstat on May 5, 2008

Harmonix and MTV announced today the forthcoming release of Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1 for Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 2.

The 20-track booster pack features a mixture of old and new artists, including Weezer, David Bowie, Boston, Nine Inch Nails, Stone Temple Pilots, and All American Rejects.

All of the tracks are taken from the original master recordings. Track Pack Volume 1 will be available July 15th for $29.99.


30 Seconds to Mars “The Kill”
All American Rejects “Move Along”
Blink 182 “All the Small Things”
Boston “More Than a Feeling”
David Bowie “Moonage Daydream”
Faith No More “We Care A Lot”
Grateful Dead “Truckin'”
The Hives “Die, All Right!”
KISS “Calling Dr. Love”
Lynyrd Skynyrd “Gimme’ Three Steps”
Nine Inch Nails “March of the Pig”s
Oasis “Live Forever”
Paramore “Crushcrushcrush”
The Police “Synchronicity II”
Queens of the Stone Age “Little Sister”
Ramones “Teenage Lobotomy”
Smashing Pumpkins “Siva”
Stone Temple Pilots “Interstate Love Song”
Weezer “Buddy Holly”
Wolfmother “Joker & the Thief”

via: App Scout

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Streamzy: Centralize Your Streaming Music

Posted by jhochstat on May 1, 2008

Streamzy is simple to use: Search for music using the artist or song name, and select how many search results you’d like. The service goes out, grabs music from sites that host the music and make it available for streaming, and cleans up any bad results before you click Play. From there, you can click any of the songs in the search results to start streaming it, or drag it to the playlist window at the bottom of the page. The service starts you off with a default playlist; to add more you’ll have to sign up for a Streamzy account (free).

The service’s goal is to give you one place to search for music, stream it immediately, and save it for the future. Once you’re signed up, you can create multiple playlists and add as much music to them as you like.

Streamzy is a brainchild of Seeqpod, the same folks behind Songerize.

Part of what makes Streamzy so special is the fact that it draws upon Seeqpod’s broad database of music sources. You can find just about anything you might want to hear, and because you can save it all to playlists that you can return to, it’s almost like owning the music. In order to stay legal, the service doesn’t allow you to buy or download the music, so you can’t take your tunes offline.

Full story on Appscout

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Rock Band members and Guitar Heroes: your social network has arrived in uRockHard

Posted by jhochstat on April 29, 2008

uRockHard. It’s a combination of a Facebook and YouTube world, allowing Guitar Hero playing posers to upload videos of their best jams.

You can view the works of others, from Karaoke, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and there are even channels just for real musicians and even air guitar virtuosos.

Full post at Crunch Gear

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