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Breaking news: Led Zeppelin 2009 tour announcement was an April Fools joke!

Posted by jhochstat on March 31, 2008

The announcement we were all waiting for took never took place. G’n’R is not opening, there is no tour.
We all do hope and wish that one day, our April Fool’s joke will become a reality.
Thanks for playing along, it was all in fun.
(photo courtesy NY Daily News)

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U2 inks 12 year contract with Live Nation 12-year contract to handle touring, merchandising & their website

Posted by jhochstat on March 31, 2008

Dream Team?

Everyone was a little surprised when Madonna announced she had signed a 10 year $120 million contract with Live Nation to have them handle her future music and music-related businesses, including the Madonna brand, albums, touring, merchandising, fan club and Web site, DVDs, music-related television and film projects, and associated sponsorship agreements.

Well today Live Nation landed the biggest band in the land U2 . The band signed a 12-year contract with Live Nation to handle touring, merchandising and the website for them.

U2’s longstanding relationship with Universal Music for recording and also publishing is not affected by the Live Nation deal.

What are your thoughts on this deal?

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The Lefsetz Letter Opened

Posted by T Rex on March 31, 2008

“I’m not angry; I’m just passionate about music and trying to speak the truth about it,” says Lefsetz, who once worked in the music industry.

The Washington Post profiles the infamous music blogger behind Lefsetz Letter.

Read the whole article here.

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Al Jaffee’s fold-ins for Mad magazine, from the 1960s to the present, in interactive form.

Posted by jhochstat on March 30, 2008

(photo and MAD logo courtesy DC comics)

Al Jaffee’s fold-ins for Mad magazine, from the 1960s to the present, in interactive form.

The NY Times has a VERY COOL interactive version of all of the fold-ins he did for logo2.gif magazine from the 1960’s to the present. I remember always looking forward to the next issue of Mad Magazine to come out so I could do the fold-ins. It was and still is an artform all its own.

This stuff is cool no matter how old you are, and now even cooler in interactive form.

For you fans out there, check out the October 1965 fold-in.

Nice Job Neil Genzlinger, Tom Jackson and Sylvia Rupani-Smith of The New York Times

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Clapton is still God and 63 today

Posted by jhochstat on March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Eric, you have shown in the last year that you can still bring joy to rock & roll fans around the globe, whether with Derek Trucks and your band or with your Blind Faith bandmate Steve Winwood.

We hope you continue to tour and provide many happy memories and experiences for us for many years to come.

With love, your fans around the world

See also February Book of the Month-Clapton Autobiography

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Slash Speaks To Sky News about possible G’n’R reunion

Posted by jhochstat on March 28, 2008


(click icons for full story) tipped us off about a video interview that Slash did with Sky News (uk) reporter Matt Smith. Slash speaks about his life of sobriety, his new range of guitars — and about the odds of GUNS N’ ROSES getting back together.

In the same interview, Slash also refuted comments made by bassist Duff McKagan that VELVET REVOLVER would open for LED ZEPPELIN on a rumored world tour. Slash said, “There’s been a huge rumor going around about us opening for them and I think that was something that was taken out of context. I think as far as ZEPPELIN doing a tour, that remains to be seen.”

So to recap the G’n’R news this week:

Slash talks about a possible G’n’R reunion.

Stone Temple Pilots will tour this summer with Scott Weiland out front. Where does that leave Velvet Revolver?

Duff’s comments about Velvet Revolver being offered the opening slot on the Led Zeppelin tour if/when it happens were taken “out of context”. How can “MY BAND WAS OFFERED THE OPENING SLOT FOR LED ZEPPELIN” be taken out of context?

Dr Pepper calls out Axl RoseOfficial Dr. Pepper Press Release

Axl Rose responds to Dr. Pepper – Press release from Axl regarding Dr. Pepper

Guns & Roses now has the same manager as Scott Weiland G’n’R Press Release / Statement from new G’n’R management also added this tidbit: It is interesting to note that up until recently, Azoff Music also managed VELVET REVOLVER, the band featuring Axl’s former GN’R bandmates Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum. Azoff is continuing to represent VR’s singer, Scott Weiland, an Azoff spokesperson confirmed to BLABBERMOUTH.NET.

Does anyone else see this all turning into a reality tv show or is it just me?

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2008 Hampton Social concert series at The Ross School cancelled

Posted by jhochstat on March 28, 2008

NY Post Page Six reported today HAMPTONITES will have to find other forms of musical entertainment this summer. The popular Hampton Social concert series, which featured Prince, Dave Matthews, Billy Joel, Tom Petty and James Taylor at the Ross School in East Hampton, will not run this year. Warner Music Group, which bought Bulldog Entertainment, the Joe Meli-owned firm that created the concerts, for $6 million, lost $18 million on the deal, an insider said. “Warner was planning to take the high-end concert idea to Aspen, Dubai and Monaco but couldn’t sell tickets. The rich people they are targeting all have connections to get tickets for free, so no one was buying.”

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Steely Dan’s Walter Becker to release Circus Money, 1st solo album in 14 years on June 10th

Posted by jhochstat on March 28, 2008


(click logo for full story)

Reported yesterday

Steely Dan principal Walter Becker’s first solo album in 14 years, “Circus Money,” is on target for a late May/early June release via his own 5 Over 12 imprint/Mailboat.

Expectedly, the album exhibits the jazzy studio perfectionism that Steely Dan has been long known for, but as evidenced by such tracks as “Bob is Not Your Uncle Anymore” and “Do You Remember the Name,” it also embraces another musical style.

After Steely Dan’s most recent tour, Becker tells he “went into a deep research period. One of the guitar techs is a big Jamaican music fan. And I started to listen to all this stuff that he had — these really deep, dub cuts from the ’70s. I just became totally fascinated with it, so I spent a lot of time listening to that and working on stuff along those lines.”

More info on

Also: Steely Dan just added a 4th night (June 18th) at the Beacon Theater.  Tickets for the 4th date go on sale on March 31st with no pre-sale for that date only.

Steely Dan Tour Dates

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Patti Smith’s art on show in Paris

Posted by jhochstat on March 28, 2008

(AP Photo/Michel Euler)

PARIS – Singer and artist Patti Smith, foreground, and her son Jackson Frederick Smith attend a press conference ahead of the opening of ‘Land 250’, a major solo exhibition of the visual work of Patti Smith, Thursday, March 27, 2008 at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art in Paris. Drawn from pieces Smith created between 1967 and 2007, the exhibition strives to provide an insight into her lyrical, spiritual and poetic universe.

Full story on Yahoo News

Diane, A Shaded View on Fashion has more pictures from the press conference and added some more info:

At the end of the press conference, Patti sang one song while her son, Jackson held the mic. The song is entitled ‘Greatful’ and weren’t we all.

If you are in Paris over the next few days, Jackson, her musician son will play music and exchange ideas sitting around the comfy couches on the lower level of the museum. The exhibit continues until June 22nd.

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Friday Food-Illy & Coca Cola partner for chilled espresso drinks

Posted by jhochstat on March 28, 2008


Italian coffee giant Illy has joined up with Coca-Cola create new coffee drinks in cans. The two companies are set to roll out three chilled espresso-based drinks – Caffe’, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato – across Europe this year and in other parts of the world in 2009.

The new illy/Coca-Cola coffee drink is be based on the Illy Freddo, which Illy describes as follows:

“illy freddo is the way to enjoy espresso even in summertime. The same blend is used and the coffee is always prepared on the spot: so the typical illy espresso aromas of honey, caramel and toasted bread are savored in an iced version…”


The only problem with this is that Manhattan Special has been in business making these products since 1895

As the original and award-winning Pure Espresso Coffee Soda, we have satisfied loyal consumers with our family’s secret recipe for over 100 years.

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