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A Message from Chris aka T Rex, founder of Runaway Dinosaur

Welcome to our little corner of real estate in the online universe. With my past and my future precisely divided I’ve been able to bring my love for music and online ideas to life. Along the way I’ve picked a few friends to help keep things fresh and expand on the growing list of Runaway Dinosaur features.

I am happy to announce that Jon (aka jroxx) has joined me in co-editing Runaway Dinosaur and we look forward to expanding our content, readership and features in the coming months and years. I am also very honored to have my good friend Beana Bern contributing her photography and writing skills from her current home in Austria. She never ceases to continually exceed my expectations in regards to what cities & venues she is going to, what artists she is shooting and the content and joy she delivers.

Runaway Dinosaur is a work in progress to take our love and passion for music and art a few levels deeper and try to expand our knowledge and share what we learn along the way. Our main focus is the artist….of every kind. Here you will find daily music news, pieces on new innovative digital music media companies, cool technology/gadgets and a touch of pop culture. We’ve got a few weekly/bi-weekly features which are….

Rock Art Wednesday-Each Wednesday, interviews with artists, behind the scenes views and upcoming events/shows all about rock posters.

See the Music-A great column by my Austria dwelling photography friend Beana Bern who takes amazing rock pictures and documents the experiences behind the shots.

Rockin the Sneaks-The world of sneakers has exploded over the years and we interview artists, feature pairs of sneakers which are designed after rock bands or pop culture.

Friday Food Feature– Jon takes his in-depth experience of years working all over the world in the hospitality business and finds us interesting food related news and unique places to eat or beverages to drink. He also brings us interviews with key food & beverage people from around the industry.

The music industry is in the midst of massive changes and there are many new innovative ways artists and companies are adapting. My dream was to be able to go on the road just once with a band for an entire tour and have full access as part of the crew that made the show possible. I wanted to experience and document everything it took for the band to rock night after night across the country and all the personalities of people involved. So, if that ever happens I’ll try and keep things entertaining until then……



2 Responses to “Press Play…..”

  1. nice improvements holms! I like the Press Play mission statement. I like how you have top posts on the left and that you moved categories over to the right. This quote is cool too :DINOSAURS ONCE RULED THE INDUSTRY…..NOW IT’S ANYONE’S GAME” – mabey you should specify what industry since this is kind of broad. Lookin good Barford.


  2. SupaDupa said

    Keep up the good work!

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