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Rock Art Wednesday-Grateful Dead Ticket Envelopes

Posted by jhochstat on October 14, 2008

With the reunion of the remaining original members of The Grateful Dead on Monday, October 13th for the Dead for Obama benefit at Penn State University and the announcement that Phil Lesh & Friends along with Bob Weir & Ratdog will be playing at The Bill Graham Civic Center in San Francisco on December 30th and 31st of this year, I though this would be a great time to look at all of the amazing artwork that people have sent in over the last few years to GDTS Too (Grateful Dead ticket service).

If you are interested in the 2 New Years shows, you can find all of the mail order information here.

The tradition of mail order Grateful Dead tickets precedes the internet or credit cards over the phone.  Back in the day (and still taking place today) in order to procure Grateful Dead tickets you needed to send a letter in an envelope detailing what show you wanted tickets for and how many tickets you were looking for.

Thankfully the tradition of people customizing their envelopes with amazing artwork is still going to this day.  I have decided to highlight some of my favorite envelope artwork from the GDTS Too Website.

I hope you enjoy this artwork as much as I did and if you are going to be ordering tickets for the New Year’s Eve shows, please take the time to submit some great artwork like the envelopes displayed here.


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Rock Art Wednesday-Mike Dreeland

Posted by T Rex on October 1, 2008

If you are in New York next weekend do not miss the opportunity to experience an art show that will be known as one of the premiere events this fall. Head over to Mansion, Saturday 10/10 @ 10pm and step into the world of the 21st century pop artist, Mike Dreeland.

I’ve had the privilege over the years to watch Mike’s talent develop and have attended almost all of his shows stretching back to the late 90’s. His NYC shows have become legendary and his art work continues to push the boundaries with this year’s Fall 08 collection themed Revolvers and Blocks.

I caught up with Mike this week as he was putting the final touches on his big show.

RD- You’re in the final days of the preparation for your big Fall 2008 10/10 @ 10pm show this Saturday at Mansion how is it coming together?

MD- I am exhausted! But everything is coming together great. I have been busy working 24/7 between final touch ups, framing of art work, press release, media alerts, emails, invites , phone calls, meetings with the publicists, guest appearances, I cant wait for the show!

RD- How many shows have you done? Any stand out as most memorable?

MD- This is my 6th solo show and 3 other NY group shows. I would have to say the most memorable show is always the last one. Belvedere Vodka, and Flawless media sponsored a 5,000 foot space in Chelsea and the shows just keep getting bigger and bigger! A lot of great faces came to support. It was a really good time.

RD- How long have you been getting ready? Give us a sense of what it takes to pull off a successful show.

MD- It takes about a year to put it all together. The key is to plan ahead and to give your self enough lead time for approvals and come up with a plan of attack. What I need to accomplish every week, in order to hit the mark. I start the process full time about 4 months out.

RD- How many new pieces of art are you releasing?

MD- This year I’m showing two collections: The Revolver Series and the Pop Block Series. These series range from 4-12 pieces in each collection. That and a few others that were created this year but vary from the collection.

RD- What was your inspiration for The Revolver Series and The Pop Block Series?

MD- I wanted the theme to represent what was going on in my life in the beginning of 08. I started the year with no job. I spent my mornings emailing colleagues about potential job opportunities and spent my afternoons in museums, book stores, coffee shops and in my studio. It was the combination of all of this new found play time, the pressure of getting a job, a possible economic recession and the issues of the world around us that inspired my paintings. Inspirations for new pieces do not always come easy, but this year the paintings seemed to just develop naturally. I focused on how I was feeling after recent events and how to express this in my work. I came upon two objects to communicate my experiences – the revolver and the plastic building block. The revolver juxtaposed with vivid plastic blocks represented the good and evil, play full and serious, fun and dangerous sides of my life in 08.

RD- Out of all the paintings you’ve created which ones stand out as favorites?

MD- I have an attachment to all my work but so far I would have to say the Revolver painting I did this year stands out most. It especially my favorite for its round shape split and hung in two pieces, showcasing a thin line of wall behind it. Teh frame is custom built with strips of horse hair to give it that western sunset meats post modern expressionism. Not to mention the details drawings all through out the gun. This paining is the largest stencil I have ever created know to date.

RD- Do you do private commissions?

MD- All the time email me at

RD- What can people expect to see in 2009?

MD- Art work that changes history.

Don’t miss the next show.

For more information on Mike Dreeland and to see the rest of his work check out

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Happy Monday

Posted by T Rex on September 29, 2008

After a nice extended break from all things digitally media related I’m happy to be back in the groove again with RD and a new online venture that is launching this fall. More on the new gig in time but a big thanks to jroxx for holding the RD fort down and looking forward to hitting the year mark in November going strong.

Stay tuned this week for Rock Art Wednesday for a interview with Mike Dreeland the “NYC Pop Artist” who continues his reign being one of the cities most hip, innovative artists and also throwing the best art shows in town. He’ll be introducing his fall collection this Saturday 10/10 @10pm at Mansion on 530 West 28th Street btwn 10th & 11th avenues.

In other “pop/rock/life/art” news the crew over at Smash Magazine have compiled a list of 60 Concert Posters From Ten Amazing Artists.

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Rock Art Wednesday-September Shows Through the Years

Posted by jhochstat on September 23, 2008

I thought I would take a different direction and feature some great Rock Art from concerts that have taken place in the month of September.

You can find all of these prints for sale at Pipe Creek Posters (here)

September 19 1993 Humboldt County CA

September 19 1993 Humboldt County CA by Pat Ryan

September 16 2003 Athens GA

September 16 2003 Athens GA by Jeff Wood

September 13 2004 Portland OR

September 13 2004 Portland OR by Gary Houston

September 6 2003 LA CA by Darren Grealish

September 6 2003 LA CA by Darren Grealish

September 3-4 2005 Chicago IL by

September 3-4 2005 Chicago IL by Johnny Thief DiDonna & Jeff Wood

September 10 & 11 2004 SF CA by Christopher Peterson

September 10 & 11 2004 SF CA by Christopher Peterson

September 12 2004 SF CA by Christopher Peterson

September 12 2004 SF CA by Christopher Peterson

September 17 2006 Austin TX by Todd Slater

September 17 2006 Austin TX by Todd Slater

September 29 2007 Portland OR by Gary Houston

September 29 2007 Portland OR by Gary Houston

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Rock Art Wednesday-Gov’t Mule

Posted by jhochstat on September 16, 2008

With the announcement on Monday September 15th that Andy Hess left Gov’t Mule, I thought it would be a great time to look back some of the great artwork that has been done for their shows over the years.  Being someone who was there at the very early Mule shows (September 1994 at Birch Hill was my first Gov’t Mule show) I feel a strong connection to the band.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the art!


All posters via

Vote Mule by David Dean


Festival Pier Philadelphia by Matt Davis

Gov't Mule

Gov't Mule Sacramento by Jason Malmberg

Moe & Gov't Mule at Red Rocks by Emek

Moe & Gov't Mule at Red Rocks by Emek


Deja Voodoo Lounge by Richard Biffle

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Rock Art Wednesday-Bob Masse, Legendary Canadian Rock Artist

Posted by jhochstat on September 9, 2008

Bio from Bob Masse’s Site:

Bob Masse is from Canada’s west coast and has been producing concert posters since the 1960s.

While attending art school in Vancouver, British Columbia, he began his career doing posters for the folk acts that came through town, in exchange for free drinks, tickets, and the opportunity to meet the musicians.

As folk became folk-rock, and Vancouver was visited by such bands as the Grateful Dead, The Doors, the Jefferson Airplane and Steve Miller, Bob continued to produce memorable concert posters for these bands, and helped pioneer the emerging psychedelic art genre.  He was greatly influenced by the art and music scenes in Los Angeles and San Francisco, where he spent considerable time in the late 1960s, producing posters and album covers for various bands of the day.  His work from this time is highly sought by collectors.

Bob’s designs reflect his interest in the art nouveau movement and the work of Alphonse Mucha in particular.  While he employs many of the techniques of that period, his brilliant colour palette, unique lettering style, and bold composition give his art a signature look.

Bob continues to produce pieces for contemporary performers, such as, Tori Amos, the Smashing Pumpkins, Neil Young, and many more.

Here are some examples of Bob’s work throughout the years.

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Rock Art Wednesday-A Look at 2008 Tour Posters

Posted by jhochstat on August 20, 2008

2008 has seen some great bands, shows and tours so far (at least here in New York City).  As the summer (and summer tours) are winding down, I thought we’d take a look at some of the more unique posters produced so far this year.

All posters via GigPosters

Mudcrutch by Marq Spusta

The Felice Brothers by Nate Duval

My Morning Jacket by Hatch Show Print

Neil Young by Steuso

Howlin Rain by Roy G. Biv

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Rock Art Wednesday-Collaboration

Posted by T Rex on August 13, 2008

The majority of my poster collection is either a Todd Slater or Jermaine Rogers original. They recently combined their powers to create this Neil Young masterpiece which goes on sale this Friday.

“Jermaine and Todd got the idea to combine their talents and create a piece of art based on their respective prints for Neil Young. Jermaine’s Neil Young print was released back in 2003 and has since then been judged by many as a modern classic print. The image of a sunglass-wearing Neil Young waving the peace sign is instantly recognizable in the rock art world, and has been used by Neil Young on his official merchandise since then. Todd Slater’s recent Neil Young print was a stunning interpretation of the Young song, ‘Cortez The Killer’, and utilized Todd’s distinctive technique of micro-collage. The two artists joined these ideas to create a striking art print titled ‘Dancing Across The Water…’
This print showcases brilliant gold and silver metallic inks contrasted with a florescent orange in the flame surrounding Neil’s hand. A Fitting fine art tribute to a master.

This is a very limited edition of only 70 prints, signed and numbered by both artists. This edition is printed on white gallery stock. There is also a BLACK edition: this print has the imagery printed on French black gallery stock. This edition is a signed and numbered edition of only 30! These 30 BLACK prints will be mixed in with the regular edition prints and sent out to random orders in place of the ‘regular’ edition…all at the same price. Will you receive one of these BLACK edition prints? Who knows…”



Jermaine will also be releasing two of his original posters from Ween’s recent tour which includes his great Brooklyn poster.

This screen-print measures approx. 23×17 inches and was produced for Ween’s recent 2 night stand in Denver, Colorado. The show copies of this print sold out in the first 10 minutes of each night’s show and have been fiercely traded and sold online. Now, the signed and numbered artist edition of 100 will be released. This simple and bold imagery is based on one of the tracks from Ween’s latest CD: do you know which one?



This screen-printed beauty measures approx. 33×20 inches. It advertises Ween’s recent appearance in NYC, the final night of the Summer US tour. The stunning imagery sports beautiful colors, including 2 seamless fades. From a limited edition of only 100. Judging by the prices the show copies of this print are fetching online as well as the emails has been receiving, both this and the Denver print are being anxiously awaited by many of you. 



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Rock Art Wednesday-Todd Slater Ween Bonanza

Posted by T Rex on August 5, 2008

Now that Ween has wrapped up their extensive 16 month tour which had them playing in Australia, New Zealand and finally Brooklyn last week there is some post tour news and some great art for sale.

Claude Coleman announced he is taking a breather from behind the drum kit to focus on his own band Amandla and get some experiences playing with other musicians. I think this will good for both sides it will allow Claude to scratch his musical itch and also opens the spot for some guest drummers with Joe Russo and Erick Slick’s names being mentioned as worthy temporary replacements. Hopefully, it truly is only a musical sabbatical and Claude eventually returns fulfilled and recharged.

Todd Slater has done a lot of work with Ween in the past and this tour produced some gems. He let the band sell only 50 at each of the selected shows and is now making the collection available to the rest of us. Here are the details directly from him.

This Friday, at 2PM CST all five of my new Ween posters will go on sale. Here’s how it’s gonna work: the prints will be sold in sets. At this time singles will not be sold. The sets will break down as follows:

Set #1:
The posters for St. Paul and Iowa (band’s likenesses) will be $75 for both prints.

Set #2:
The posters for Millvale, Tulsa and Fayetteville (pill cat, yellow sub and smoke dragon) will be $120 for all three prints which works out to $40 a print. A few notes on the history thus far: Fayetteville sold for $154 and Tulsa sold for $142 on ebay in the past month. I haven’t seen Millvale, Iowa or St. Paul show up yet. Millvale is probably my favorite one of the five, and yes, those are glow in the dark inks on the pill cat.

Set #3:
The entire series (5 prints in all) $195.

I’m expecting these to go quickly. The emails have been coming in everyday for the past couple weeks asking about prices and sale dates, so please be on time if you want one.

Tulsa is an homage to the yellow submarine animations and is five colors with metallic gold.

The detail behind Gener is a macro of a nautilus shell…I don’t want to give away every element of these prints so you’ll have to see them in person. Both of these are five colors with two metallic inks on Gener’s print.

Chasing the Dragon: this print is five colors with a metallic gold and two transparent whites. My printer, D&L, really knocked this one out of the park…a perfect print job.

Millvale is five colors on black paper and is printed with glow-in-the-dark inks.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we’ll get right back to you. It’s about 4:30 am now and I think I’m ready to stop typing…

Look for prints coming up for Jack Johnson, NIN, Radiohead, Electric Six and many others. Talk to ya soon.


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Rock Art Wednesday-Allen Jaegar Update

Posted by T Rex on July 29, 2008

One of our favorites lets us know what he’s been up to this summer.
hi all

it has been a longggg time since i have updated my website, i am sorry lots
has been going on. i am in the process of redoing my site right now, it will
still be simple but a new look. i have done some new silk-screened posters, a
few of you have gotten these already but i never officially emailed a few of
you yet but put then on the side. i have two new posters listed below, these
are all hand press silkscreen prints that are signed and numbered.

Ministry 2008 last sucker tour april 19th house of blues, new
orleans—13X29in ——$65 this ministry posters theme is a reptilian they
live like

Ladytron——house of blues ,new orleans—11x29in—$50
this ladytron poster is a tribute to dario argento ‘s suspiria, the band
loved it.

both posters are my first posters i ever printed on a different style and
color od paper, the paper is almost film like that are signed and numbered
too edition 100

both poster are not on my website yet cause of the redo process, but you can
see them on my myspace page.
if you can not see my myspace page request me as a friend and subscribe to
my blog for updates. if interested in any of these please email me, i only
have 3 ministrys left those went really quick.

besides poster art, i have been oil painting again and that style is a
little different than what most have seen by me.

well thats pretty much it, i have a full list of works available if
interested please email me a request for it and i will send it. one new
addition is that i have a few limited edition packaged series buttons all
limited numbers

hope all is well with everyone, hope to hear from you all again.

allens myspace page

offical website is

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