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Friday Food-NYWFF Alert: Ferran Adria Demo Tickets on Sale (For Certain People) Now

Posted by jhochstat on July 31, 2008

via Eater by Amanda on 7/31/08

2008_07_ferran.jpgThe New York Wine and Food Festival tickets to the highly anticipated Ferran Adria demo with his protege Jose Andres went on sale at midnight. The tickets for the event, which is closing out the three day festival, go for $275, the the demo is followed by a meet and greet with the chefs, a major draw for any Adria, El Bulli, or molecular gastronomy fans. There is a catch of course. Right now the tickets are only available to “top level” Amex card holders, who have already or will receive an email with a promotional code. The rest of you Amex holders will get access in two weeks, when there will hopefully be some tickets left. Any everybody else? It’ll have to be the Craigslist route. All the details on the demo ahead.

Grab your seat at this once-in-a-lifetime experience, as the world’s greatest gastronomic visionary, Ferran Adria and his former apprentice, Spain’s greatest export, Jose Andres, demonstrate the creativity and culinary magic of El Bulli. The unparalleled duo’s seminar will close out the much-anticipated Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival.

Through words and pictures, Chef Andres will demonstrate dishes that interpret the work of his mentor and teacher, Chef Adria, into exciting American cuisine. Following the seminar will be a reception featuring Wines of Spain and a meet-and-greet with the chefs, along with complimentary copy of their latest books: A Day at El Bulli (Phaidon) andTapas: A Taste of Spain in America (Clarkson Potter).

In addition to this seminar, you’ll receive access to the festival’s Grand Tasting on Sunday at Pier 54’s Hudson River Park.

Tickets for this event are available exclusively for American Express® Cardmembers.

· The Mentor and the Protégé [NYWFF]
photo credit


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Friday Food-Dude, You’re a Bartender

Posted by jhochstat on July 31, 2008

Apple White Lady Cocktail by Tony Conigliaro (Uk)

Apple White Lady Cocktail by Tony Conigliaro (Uk)

Gourmet’s Francis Lam is calling a stop to using the word mixology: “I get that you’re doing something seriously and you want to make that known. I’m into that. I’m into the pieces of fruit and the obscure booze. I’m into the work and creativity you put into it. It’s interesting. It’s dignified. But while you can be doing something unique, something intensive, you’re still not doing something new. If you’re not inventing a new profession, why do you insist on a new word for what you do? That’s just being pompous.” As he says, what’s next, the grillologist, expeditologist, coldappsologist and the fearless diswashologists? [Gourmet via Eater LA]

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Lollapalooza 2008 Webcast Schedule

Posted by T Rex on July 30, 2008

The Lollapalooza 2008 webcast schedule has been set. Tune into the AT&T Blueroom on Friday and enjoy a great weekend of music wherever you are.

Lollapalooza 2008 Webcast Schedule

Friday, August 1st:
01:15 PM Holy Fuck
02:15 PM Rogue Wave
03:15 PM Yeasayer
04:15 PM The Kills
05:15 PM Gogol Bordello
06:15 PM Mates of State
07:15 PM Bloc Party
08:15 PM Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
09:00 PM The Raconteurs

Saturday, August 2nd:
01:15 PM Margot & the Nuclear So So’s
01:45 PM The Ting Tings
02:30 PM Dr. Dog
03:30 PM The Gutter Twins
04:30 PM The Go! Team
05:30 PM Duffy
06:30 PM Jamie Lidell
07:30 PM DeVotchka
08:30 PM Explosions in the Sky
09:30 PM Broken Social Scene
10:30 PM Wilco

Sunday, August 3rd:
01:15 PM Kid Sister
02:15 PM The Whigs
03:15 PM Office
04:15 PM Chromeo
05:15 PM G Love & Special Sauce
06:15 PM Blues Traveler
07:15 PM John Butler Trio
08:15 PM Flogging Molly
09:15 PM Love and Rockets
10:15 PM The National

All times are in EST.

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Rock Art Wednesday-Allen Jaegar Update

Posted by T Rex on July 29, 2008

One of our favorites lets us know what he’s been up to this summer.
hi all

it has been a longggg time since i have updated my website, i am sorry lots
has been going on. i am in the process of redoing my site right now, it will
still be simple but a new look. i have done some new silk-screened posters, a
few of you have gotten these already but i never officially emailed a few of
you yet but put then on the side. i have two new posters listed below, these
are all hand press silkscreen prints that are signed and numbered.

Ministry 2008 last sucker tour april 19th house of blues, new
orleans—13X29in ——$65 this ministry posters theme is a reptilian they
live like

Ladytron——house of blues ,new orleans—11x29in—$50
this ladytron poster is a tribute to dario argento ‘s suspiria, the band
loved it.

both posters are my first posters i ever printed on a different style and
color od paper, the paper is almost film like that are signed and numbered
too edition 100

both poster are not on my website yet cause of the redo process, but you can
see them on my myspace page.
if you can not see my myspace page request me as a friend and subscribe to
my blog for updates. if interested in any of these please email me, i only
have 3 ministrys left those went really quick.

besides poster art, i have been oil painting again and that style is a
little different than what most have seen by me.

well thats pretty much it, i have a full list of works available if
interested please email me a request for it and i will send it. one new
addition is that i have a few limited edition packaged series buttons all
limited numbers

hope all is well with everyone, hope to hear from you all again.

allens myspace page

offical website is

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Posted by jhochstat on July 29, 2008

The classic rock station is now online!

Today started a series in which they are profiling what they consider to be the best music blogs out there. The blog they profiled and mentioned?

Congrats!!! Great job Scott and the rest of the Hidden Track team!!!!

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Sirius XM Radio

Posted by T Rex on July 29, 2008

They finally closed and announced the merger today.

Read here.

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See the Music XV – Melt Fest 2008 Pictures and Fragments

Posted by jhochstat on July 28, 2008

See the Music XV – Melt Fest 2008 Pictures and Fragments
Photos and Story by Beana Bern

“Possible Germany” rings in my ear as I ride out of Dessau on a bus through what looks like Ernest Callenbach’s Ecotopia. Windmills turning, wheat blowing in the breeze, my socks still wet from the night before I have time to think…It always amazes me how music can be the tonic to heal wounded ears of too much music. “Possible Germany” isn’t a suggestion this day, it’s a fact.

Rewind 3 days and I’m on the same bus, this time with no music but only the anticipation of 3 days of music to come. Almost 10 years since I’ve slept in a wet tent backstage at a show and I wonder if it’s as brutal and fun as I remember it. My credentials are ready and a kind bus driver drops me right off at the Production office where they set me up with a tent and directions to the Presse Tent. Game on…only 2 hours to spare before its time to sport my gear (almost 40 pounds worth) and make some art and try to stop time.

After nesting a little in the Presse Tent with my bone dry locker (sehr wichtig) and a handful of new friends and strangers I headed out to scout the grounds, find all the gates my “freund” bracelet and Presse pass would get me (pretty much everywhere but up a coal digger…which I found my way up anyway) and timed how long it would take me to get from stage to stage. This last excersice was futile after the earth turned deep brown and slippery and kiddies in their funky shades clogged the arteries.

It’s hard to figure how best to re-cap all the music so I think I’ll just go in order. Perhaps it’s natural to start with the “big dogs” first but instead, I will take you through it as I experienced things and, when possible, I’ll give you my impression in words as well as megapixels…

To go a little deeper, click on each picture to see the whole set of that band. Or, if you feel like sitting back and seeing the “best of” album, click right here.

Friday…July 18

Markus Kavka kicked things off with beats and an unwavering smile. Not my thing but it was a good way to get the party started.

Fotos was some German indie pop that served as a chance to adjust the white balance on my camera and check the perspective from the pit. The music wasn’t so memorable for me…

Lightspeed Champion was the first band that I was psyched to see. Dramatic and melodic the highpoint was the Star Wars anthem and the furry hat.

Late of the Pier had a super high-maintainence sound check but these Brits (i think) threw down, what I can only guess would be, electro pop with a major emphasis on the drums. The crowd went crazy and it was a good, if a little too loud, 3 songs in the pit.

Turbostaat was some German mediocre ‘power’ rock. I remember it was awful but the boys in the front row wearing Turbostaat shirts and singing every word would probably respectfully disagree. To their credit they were playing in a shit sounding concrete box and that could have been a factor in my disatisfaction.

My new photog friend Adrian, when referring to the band Blackmail said that he “wasn’t sure why these guys aren’t famous yet’” and I pondered that thought as the bass drum layed down a new rhythm for my heartbeat during soundcheck. The smoke machine was annoying and the music wasn’t super memorable…

This guy surprised me a little and I found myself liking his ‘doo-wop-vegas-indie-folk-jewish-pop’ more than I would have expected. He’s one of those guys that, even if you don’t like the music, you cant help but smile when he and his back up singers do their thing. Funny but nice.

I was aiming for Burger/Voigt but caught Tobias Thomas instead. He had this pharmaceutical mellow thing going that would have been nice to stay with for a bit had I had a couch to sit on.

Kate Nash sounds exactly the same live as she does on FM4 but the lack of imagination in her “KATE NASH” visuals and her kind of late-lazy stage show made me like her a little bit less. The pouring rain could have also been a factor in the overall lackluster performance but im pretty sure it was her.

Gui Boratto was cute but, if i’m being honest, DJ’s can start to sound the same to me after a little while

I first heard Modeselektor on a iTunes playlist assembled by Thom York. I liked it then and I liked it live…these were the only DJ’s I heard with the ability to make people dance like animals instead of robots. Fucking awesome.

The Editors reminded me a little bit of “Live” but I think it had more to do with the lead singers voice than with the actual sound of the band. They had a huge draw and a big sound and, though it wasn’t something I would go and seek out, they were good.

Ellen Allien had too many technical difficulties for me to stick around. This was shot around 3am and I had one gig left to shoot…

Robyn was new to me but clearly not new to the stage. Both diva and pimp, she was like a sizzling Swedish gangster with the soul of Pat Benetar. Highlights of her set were covers of Snoop Dogs “Sexual Eruption,” Salt n Pepa’s “Push It,” and what I think was a Prince cover of “I’ll Jerk You Off.” If I get the chance to see her again, I will.

Saturday…July 19

Sleep came but didn’t stay. After about 4 hours it was time to wander the grounds and watch Melt wake up. After some festival food it was time to park myself in the tent and edit some photos before heading out to do it again. Storm warnings and terrential rain put a damper on things (sorry about that) and the mud came out in full effect.

The first act was a German guy named Peter Licht. I forget exactly what it was that I thought at the time but I think it was along the lines of “emo-german-college-pop.” Boring but he did get the rainbow so you have to give him that at least.

Twisted Wheel wasn’t on the bill but found their way to the mainstage for a short set. Out of Manchester and into Ferropolis….aside from the nice light, I don’t remember what their deal was.

After a few songs Dirk arranged a crane tour for us and we headed up one of the 5 major coal digging machines that is Ferropolis. Surreal and scary, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of noise they made when they were unearthing coal and rocks. No doubt they were far louder than any of the noise we were making with our rock and roll. Click on the picture below to see some of this awesome and rustic metal.

Melt by Day

Melt by Night

Ok ok, I got off track a little but after the tour of the big rigs it was time to rock (mostly work) until the sun came up.

Cobblestone Jazz was another DJ thing but live, synthesized vocals and groovier beat was interesting

Fujiya Migawi surprised me with their lack of Japanese-ness but I loved the their sound. A little listen on MySpace confirmed that I liked what I heard and I hope I get to see them again one day.

The Notwist is geekier than all hell but also pretty brilliant. Their set built really slow but after the 4th song they hit a stride and their subdued and melodic sound had some momentum. Not so fun to shoot but they made up for it with the music.

This scary and disgusting dude is called Rummelsnuff. The kind of stereotypical shit that somebody might think would still be happening in Germany. He sings of power and strength and other shit that makes the National nazi-types happy while his oiled body makes the homosexuals happy. His ability to bring these two unlikely groups together seems to be part of his novelty but after 5 clicks of the shutter I got the fuck out of there before the little bit of barf in my throat needed to find its way out.

Franz Ferdinand is so slick and such a well oiled machine that they feel like less of a rock band and more like a vegas act but that didnt stop me from loving every second of their set. They are fucking awesome…and lots of fun to take photos of. Go on, click the pic and take a peek.

Roisin Murphy is such a sexy bitch that its crazy. 3 costume changes during the first 3 songs with the entire stage serving as her own personal cat walk. The music was alright but her stage show was amazing. I would have loved to have photographed the whole set. This is another set that you should take a closer look at if you’re inclined.

Another sleepless night and another day to work, fortunately all my shows for the last day were on the same stage so I only had to scoot out from the press tent between rain showers and acts. I spent the day kicking it with the other photogs, you come to know one another after 3 days of working in the rain.

July…Sunday 19

Los Campesinos had a lot going on with the xylophones, horns and things. Lots of draw for an early show and a sound somewhat derivative of angsty Arcade Fire and insecure but happy Magic Numbers.

Neon Neon’s set was a tribute, maybe homage, to the man who built the Dolorian. Birth was uninteresting but Dreaming was memorable and the old school Casio ‘hand clap’ brought back memories of mine and my sister’s dabbling with our own keyboard many years ago. It got some weird Rusted Root-esque percussion that turned me off towards the end but by then it was time to go anyway…

Get Well Soon is another example of an Arcade Fire want-to-be but, honestly, they are doing it. They are good with the big crecendos and atmospheric rock and, though a little annoying to watch, I liked the sound.

the only word for the Battles are awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome

I didn’t know that I knew Hot Chip until I heard the song about the monkey with a miniature symbol. Damn, that song has a way of staying in my head and running circles. This band saw the biggest crowd of the whole weekend, even trumping Bjork, which surprised me. They were good but throughout the whole set I was wondering whether or not I was going to be one of the lucky few photographers shooting Bjork…

As it turned out, she decided that she didnt want any Press or Photographers in front for her show. Her Management requested a list of media and picked about 10 photographers to cover the pit…I was one of them.

Bjork is more of a life force then a singer…her performance gave me goose bumps and I only wish that I hadn’t been freezing my ass off and suffering from massively cramped hands during her set. By the time these shots were taken I had been working for almost 3 days straight, sleeping for less then 8 hours and shooting what amounted to be about 600 photographs. Believe it or not, I even managed to have a little fun, eject two fucking drunkards (literally, 2 drunk people fucking) from my tent and make a few new friends. This re-cap marks the end of Melt and I hope you enjoyed the pix.

In case you haven’t been clicking and reading, here’s another shot to see the overview…


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Friday Food-Tour de Forks

Posted by jhochstat on July 24, 2008

Did you ever think about taking a trip to somewhere just to make it a culinary vacation? You know only go to France, Italy or maybe even Australia to nothing but see and experience nothing but food, chef’s, wines and the like. Well if that’s the case then do I have a website and company for you to check out!

Tour de Forks

This how they describe themselves on their website:

Tour de Forks offers luxury, escorted culinary tours to Sicily, Puglia, Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Provence, Brittany, Normandy, Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania. Our exclusive and original tours best represent the food, wine and culinary traditions of each memorable destination.

Chefs, culinary experts, authors and wine masters introduce you to the best of regional cuisine through insider tours of food markets, hands-on cooking classes, wineries, artisanal factories, meetings with chefs, and dining at hand-selected restaurants. Our expert guides help create an experience that both your palate and your mind will long remember. And of course, we ensure the highest standard in service and accommodations.

Here are all the places (with links) that Tour de Forks offers trips:

Emilia Romagna Food

Emilia Romagna Food

Ottoman - Sydney Australia

Ottoman - Sydney Australia

This is a company designed for the ultimate foodie traveler in all of us, you owe it to yourself to check out their site and their trips. Don’t sit there and be one of those “shoulda, coulda, woulda” kind of people.

Life’s too short and there’s too much of this world to be seen and too many things left to learn.

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Van Halen Rock Lyrics on Cheese Packaging

Posted by jhochstat on July 24, 2008

Courtesy Serious Eats

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July 24th – What a Date in Music History

Posted by jhochstat on July 23, 2008

You may be asking, Hey JRoxx why are you saying that July 24th is such a big deal in music history?

Well, I’ll tell you what music events took place through the years that all happened to fall on July 24th:

July 24th 1960
The Ventures “Walk Don’t Run” enters the US pop chart and at the same time introduces the instrumental surf sound to rock & roll. The song will peak at #2.

July 24th 1964
Fans overreact to a Rolling Stones concert in Blackpool, England. Police are summoned when a riot ensues.

July 24th 1965
The Beach Boys’ “California Girls” is released in the US.

July 24th 1966
The New York Times reports that British Prime Minister Harold Wilson was present at the re-opening of Liverpool’s Cavern Club. Bankruptcy had closed the doors but thousands of Beatles fans signed a petition requesting Wilson to reopen the club.

July 24th 1967
Jefferson Airplane’s second album “Surrealistic Pillow” is certified US gold due to the top ten hits, “Somebody to Love” and “White Rabbit.”

All four Beatles and their manager Brian Epstein signed a petition printed in The Times newspaper calling for the legalisation of marijuana.

July 24th 1971
T Rex had their second UK No.1 with the single ‘Get It On’.

July 24th 1976
Elton John and Kiki Dee started a six week run at No.1 in the UK with the single with ‘Don’ t Go Breaking My Heart’.

Hall & Oates’ “She’s Gone” is released.

July 24th 1978
The Robert Stigwood film ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’, was released, featuring The Bee Gees and Peter Frampton.

July 24th 1982
Survivor started a six week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘Eye Of The Tiger’, taken from the film ‘Rocky III’. Also No.1 in the UK.

July 24th 1984
Several people collapsed from heat exhaustion during a concert by Huey Lewis and the News at the North Dakota State Fair.

July 24th 1987
The movie biography of Richie Valens — “La Bamba” opens. The film starred Lou Diamond Phillips as Valens. It also features Marshall Crenshaw and Brian Setzer.

July 24th 1990
A wrongful death trial involving Judas Priest opens in Reno, Nevada. Parents had charged in a lawsuit that the band’s “Stained Class” album contained subliminal messages that drove two teen-agers to attempt suicide. The judge eventually cleared the group.

July 24th 1993
U2 started a two week run at No.1 on the US album chart with ‘Zooropa’.

UB40 started a seven week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’, also on the same day they went to No.1 on the UK album chart with ‘Promises And Lies’.

That’s a lot of music history to all fall on one date for sure…………

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