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Rock Art Wednesday-Allen Jaegar Update

Posted by T Rex on July 29, 2008

One of our favorites lets us know what he’s been up to this summer.
hi all

it has been a longggg time since i have updated my website, i am sorry lots
has been going on. i am in the process of redoing my site right now, it will
still be simple but a new look. i have done some new silk-screened posters, a
few of you have gotten these already but i never officially emailed a few of
you yet but put then on the side. i have two new posters listed below, these
are all hand press silkscreen prints that are signed and numbered.

Ministry 2008 last sucker tour april 19th house of blues, new
orleans—13X29in ——$65 this ministry posters theme is a reptilian they
live like

Ladytron——house of blues ,new orleans—11x29in—$50
this ladytron poster is a tribute to dario argento ‘s suspiria, the band
loved it.

both posters are my first posters i ever printed on a different style and
color od paper, the paper is almost film like that are signed and numbered
too edition 100

both poster are not on my website yet cause of the redo process, but you can
see them on my myspace page.
if you can not see my myspace page request me as a friend and subscribe to
my blog for updates. if interested in any of these please email me, i only
have 3 ministrys left those went really quick.

besides poster art, i have been oil painting again and that style is a
little different than what most have seen by me.

well thats pretty much it, i have a full list of works available if
interested please email me a request for it and i will send it. one new
addition is that i have a few limited edition packaged series buttons all
limited numbers

hope all is well with everyone, hope to hear from you all again.

allens myspace page

offical website is


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