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Rock Art Wednesday-Mike Dreeland

Posted by T Rex on October 1, 2008

If you are in New York next weekend do not miss the opportunity to experience an art show that will be known as one of the premiere events this fall. Head over to Mansion, Saturday 10/10 @ 10pm and step into the world of the 21st century pop artist, Mike Dreeland.

I’ve had the privilege over the years to watch Mike’s talent develop and have attended almost all of his shows stretching back to the late 90’s. His NYC shows have become legendary and his art work continues to push the boundaries with this year’s Fall 08 collection themed Revolvers and Blocks.

I caught up with Mike this week as he was putting the final touches on his big show.

RD- You’re in the final days of the preparation for your big Fall 2008 10/10 @ 10pm show this Saturday at Mansion how is it coming together?

MD- I am exhausted! But everything is coming together great. I have been busy working 24/7 between final touch ups, framing of art work, press release, media alerts, emails, invites , phone calls, meetings with the publicists, guest appearances, I cant wait for the show!

RD- How many shows have you done? Any stand out as most memorable?

MD- This is my 6th solo show and 3 other NY group shows. I would have to say the most memorable show is always the last one. Belvedere Vodka, and Flawless media sponsored a 5,000 foot space in Chelsea and the shows just keep getting bigger and bigger! A lot of great faces came to support. It was a really good time.

RD- How long have you been getting ready? Give us a sense of what it takes to pull off a successful show.

MD- It takes about a year to put it all together. The key is to plan ahead and to give your self enough lead time for approvals and come up with a plan of attack. What I need to accomplish every week, in order to hit the mark. I start the process full time about 4 months out.

RD- How many new pieces of art are you releasing?

MD- This year I’m showing two collections: The Revolver Series and the Pop Block Series. These series range from 4-12 pieces in each collection. That and a few others that were created this year but vary from the collection.

RD- What was your inspiration for The Revolver Series and The Pop Block Series?

MD- I wanted the theme to represent what was going on in my life in the beginning of 08. I started the year with no job. I spent my mornings emailing colleagues about potential job opportunities and spent my afternoons in museums, book stores, coffee shops and in my studio. It was the combination of all of this new found play time, the pressure of getting a job, a possible economic recession and the issues of the world around us that inspired my paintings. Inspirations for new pieces do not always come easy, but this year the paintings seemed to just develop naturally. I focused on how I was feeling after recent events and how to express this in my work. I came upon two objects to communicate my experiences – the revolver and the plastic building block. The revolver juxtaposed with vivid plastic blocks represented the good and evil, play full and serious, fun and dangerous sides of my life in 08.

RD- Out of all the paintings you’ve created which ones stand out as favorites?

MD- I have an attachment to all my work but so far I would have to say the Revolver painting I did this year stands out most. It especially my favorite for its round shape split and hung in two pieces, showcasing a thin line of wall behind it. Teh frame is custom built with strips of horse hair to give it that western sunset meats post modern expressionism. Not to mention the details drawings all through out the gun. This paining is the largest stencil I have ever created know to date.

RD- Do you do private commissions?

MD- All the time email me at

RD- What can people expect to see in 2009?

MD- Art work that changes history.

Don’t miss the next show.

For more information on Mike Dreeland and to see the rest of his work check out


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