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Rockin the Sneaks-Spring Vans x Bad Brains Collaboration

Posted by jhochstat on December 3, 2008

Via Sole Blvd Blog

This February, Vans will continue the Bad Brains collaboration that it originally put together with the help of Supreme last spring. The updated line will go into broader release, with a series of T shirts and three footwear models: a ‘46 LE, a Sk-8 Hi LE, and a Chukka Boot LX.

Bad Brains, if you don’t know, isn’t new. They came up in the Washington D.C. hardcore scene, and made spots like NYC’s CBGBs famous. Meet any lost child of the 80s or 90s and they’ll tell you that Bad Brains saved their life. If you don’t want to ask, or don’t want to sit through an hour of muddled explanations, check out the Wikipedia. Or, if you know, and you’re down, petitition Obama to have them play his inauguration here.


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Rockin the Sneaks-Reebok vs Monolopy

Posted by jhochstat on August 12, 2008

From Nice Kicks via: Nitrolicious

Reebok and the ever so famous board game Monopoly have teamed up to make a collaboration set of 12 shoes in total. Now it is finally time for these shoes to release. There is going to be 6 shoes this month in August, and the following 6 in November. You will see some classic Reeboks being collabed with Monopoly, as well as some pretty unique color schemes. This is for sure something a little different than we are used to seeing, although Reebok approached this one well. As far as price goes, these are going to be anywhere from $75-85. and $40-45 for toddlers sizes.

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Rockin the Sneaks-Converse Kurt Cobain Chuck Taylors

Posted by jhochstat on June 30, 2008

Uncrate had these upon their site today, and they hit the nail right on the head when they said:

We’re pretty sure this posthumous collaboration should never have happened, but the Converse Chuck Taylor Kurt Cobain sneakers ($50) announced earlier this year are now available. Featuring doodles and words from his personal notebook, the printed shoes are (or aren’t) perfect for hardcore Nirvana fans.

Available at Nordstom in either low or high.

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Rockin the Sneaks-Kobe in Croc By Sole Junkie

Posted by jhochstat on June 27, 2008

Sole Junkie just finished making these dope Kobe’s, thought everyone should know about them.

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Rockin the Sneaks-Undrcrwn Illustrates The NBA Draft For Adidas

Posted by jhochstat on June 26, 2008

Individual Sole put up a piece earlier today about how Undrcrwn & Adidas have partnered up on the eve of the NBA Draft tonight.

Here is what they had to say:

With the NBA Draft airing tonight, Adidas is getting a little cleaver with attracting the soon to be NBA rising stars to their company.   Adidas tapped street/sportswear company, Undrcrwn to create designs of 5 prospects, which were then printed onto T-shirts and jackets and given exclusively to each player.  Included in this special project is Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley, O.J Mayo, Jerry Bayless and Eric Gordon who all got the Undrcrwn treatment.  Sadly all of these special collaborations won’t see a retail release unless they end up signing with Adidas.

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Rockin the Sneaks-Custom Kicks Book by Maki Design

Posted by jhochstat on June 26, 2008

The other night when I was seeing DJ Logic & Project Logic perform (with Hub from The Roots on bass), I received a text message from our good friend Sole Junkie.  He was texting me to let me know that he was in a book about custom sneakers that was just released (and real psyched about it too).  Sole said he made a small yet considerable appearance in the book on pg 210!

The name of the book is Custom Kicks. It was written by Kim Smits and Matthijs Maat of MAKI Design who are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

This is what Kim & Matthijs had to say about the book when they broke the news about it on their site at the end of February:

We’ve been working on a book about customized footwear for a long time now.  It is called Custom Kicks and will be published by Laurence King Publishing in May.  The book features the works of about 140 artists including Skwak, Steve Harrington. Chuck Anderson, Mike Perry, Boris Hoppek, Jeremyville, Emil Kozak, Jon Burgerman and many many more.

Here are some photos from the book from the Maki site.

all images © 2007 MAKI ontwerp en illustratie

Customized Maki Design Shoes (Photos by Ciska vd Ven)

meeuwerderweg 59
9724 EN groningen
the netherlands

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Rockin the Sneaks-Air Jordan Retro 1 Premium GS Dream Team

Posted by jhochstat on June 23, 2008

Kix in the City put these sneaks up Saturday, a tribute to the original Dream Team as we get closer to the 2008 Beijing Olympics starting 8.8.08

Here is what they had to say:

With the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics approaching, Jordan Brand recently released their ode to the original Dream Team with the “Dream Team” Air Jordan Retro 1. The “Dream Team” Air Jordan Retro 1 features a White based upper with a mix of Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, and Metallic Bronze for each of the medals in the Olympics.

The “Dream Team” Air Jordan Retro 1 is available now in GS sizes at select Jordan accounts.

Tech Info:

Air Jordan Retro 1 Premium GS (Youth)

Metallic Gold/White-Metallic Copper



Pics: Timothy Dean for

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Rockin the Sneaks(For the Yankees)-NYC All Star Game Air Force 1 High

Posted by jhochstat on June 21, 2008

Nice Kicks were the first to report on Saturday the 21st about these cool Yankee themed kicks being released by Nike in honor of the MLB All Star Game taking place in Yankee Stadium this year.

Here is what they had to say:

The MLB All-Star Game returns to Yankee Stadium this summer for the first time in more than 30 years. With the festivities set to kick off July 11th, Nike has arranged for a special Air Force 1 release to celebrate the ASG returning to NYC. July 4th is the official launch date of the “All-Star” NYC Air Force 1 High. This shoe features familiar white/navy pinstripes and a gum sole bottom. Several other cosmetic changes were made for the special AF1 like NYC inscribed on the lace tag and a cursive NYC on the heel rather than the traditional Nike Air logo.

Just two weeks separates us from the official launch date of this sneaker, but expect a lot of stores to sell these as soon as they get in. Info thanks to Nemisis.

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Rockin the Sneaks-Reebok Freestyle Hip Hop + Punk

Posted by jhochstat on June 16, 2008

Kicks on Fire tipped us off to these super dope Reebok’s that are to be released in October.

Here is the info:

The Reebok Freestyle has seen plenty of colors and designs applied to it over the years, and 2008 shows no slow down, as we feature some new color schemes in the iconic shoe. They are slated to release in a pack which is inspired by rebel music, Hip-Hop and Punk. One will feature a predominately white colorway, the other black, and the third, olive green. The Reebok Freestyle Hip Hop will release with a t-shirt and hoodie and is set to release on October 1,2008.

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Rockin the Sneaks-Sole Junkie Iron Man AF1 w/23K Gold and Glow in the Dark Lights

Posted by jhochstat on June 11, 2008

Every now and then you come across an artist whose vision and skill is so unique that you sit back, look at their work and say “Damn, that is one talented person!“. In my opinion custom sneaker artist Sole Junkie is one of those artists.

My first introduction into the work of Sole Junkie was when he posted pictures of the Custom Superman AF1’s he painted on his blog on April 9th.

Since then I had the opportunity to interview him and get to know him and his work a lot more.

Fast forward to this week, when I got Sole Junkie on the phone to ask his advice regarding the value of a rare sneaker set that I have. During the course of our conversation, he says to me “Just finished up a new shoe….its a beast! Wait til I send you pics!”

I finally got a hold of the pictures today and I have to say that these are by far some of the coolest, dopest kicks I have come across yet in the short time that I have been posting on Rockin the Sneaks. Sole finished these sneaks on Monday for a private collector who commissioned them from him.

Don’t take my word for it, check these out and let me (and Sole Junkie) know what you think.


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