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Blockbuster Video to sell Live Nation concert tickets in their stores

Posted by jhochstat on December 2, 2008

Full Story on Yahoo News

SAN FRANCISCO – Blockbuster Inc. will begin selling concert tickets at about 500 of its video rental stores, bolstering its effort to create a one-stop shop for entertainment.

Under a three-year agreement announced Tuesday, Blockbuster‘s stores next month will become the primary brick-and-mortar sales outlet for music concerts staged by promoter Live Nation Inc. in the United States.

Dallas-based Blockbuster will supplant a hodgepodge of department stores, supermarkets and other retailers that Live Nation had been relying upon as part of an unraveling partnership with Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc.

Beverly Hills-based Live Nation is breaking away from Ticketmaster to build its own ticketing channel. Ticketmaster will continue to handle some of Live Nation’s sales until contracts covering several concert venues expire.

With most consumers buying their tickets online, Blockbuster is expected to account for less than 10 percent of the more than 10 million tickets that Live Nation anticipates selling in the United States next year.

Still, the Live Nation relationship will provide Blockbuster with a new way to lure people into its stores as more consumers rent movies through DVD-by-mail vendors like Netflix Inc. or buy entertainment through Internet downloading services and “on-demand” features bundled into cable-television subscriptions.


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Big Pimpin’ – Jay-Z to sign $150 Million deal with Live Nation

Posted by jhochstat on April 3, 2008

Live Nation continues to sign the biggest acts around, the latest to sign is the biggest name in Hip-Hop and some would say in music right now…Jay-Z!

Jay-Z plans to depart his longtime record label, Def Jam, for a roughly $150 million package with the concert giant Live Nation that includes financing for his own entertainment venture, in addition to recordings and tours for the next decade.

The pact, expected to be finalized this week, is the most expansive deal yet from Live Nation.

Full story from today’s NY Times

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U2 inks 12 year contract with Live Nation 12-year contract to handle touring, merchandising & their website

Posted by jhochstat on March 31, 2008

Dream Team?

Everyone was a little surprised when Madonna announced she had signed a 10 year $120 million contract with Live Nation to have them handle her future music and music-related businesses, including the Madonna brand, albums, touring, merchandising, fan club and Web site, DVDs, music-related television and film projects, and associated sponsorship agreements.

Well today Live Nation landed the biggest band in the land U2 . The band signed a 12-year contract with Live Nation to handle touring, merchandising and the website for them.

U2’s longstanding relationship with Universal Music for recording and also publishing is not affected by the Live Nation deal.

What are your thoughts on this deal?

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AEG Live, Ticketmaster, Cablevision Deal

Posted by T Rex on February 28, 2008


Add another battle to the growing list, Pepsi vs Coke, Microsoft vs. Apple, Hillary vs Obama and now AEG Live vs Live Nation. Unfortunately, even after this deal tickets won’t be any cheaper or easier to get. is reporting that a deal is imminent for a partnership of Ticketmaster and Madison Square Garden Entertainment owner Cablevision to acquire about 49% of AEG Live. If all the various components of this AEG Live/Cablevision/Ticketmaster deal come into play, AEG Live should be able to compete even more fiercely with Live Nation, who will leave Ticketmaster when its contract expires in 2009 and launch its own ticketing

Michael Rapino CEO of Live Nation reaction “If those rumors are true and there’s investments made into a competitor like AEG, for one it validates the frenzy around the live business,” Rapino said today (Feb. 28) during an investor’s conference call. “Everybody wants to figure out how to get control of that content and ticket to build upon their business model.”

Read Bob Lefsetz’s reaction and thoughts on this proposed mega deal. “Let’s see how this shakes out. Will this new consortium figure out a way to break acts? As the major labels decline, who will control this process? It’s harder than ever to BREAK on the road, since the economics suck. Will acts continue to break via recorded music and then fall into the hands of AEG? Can a new concert promotion company be founded to compete? Only with a fuck of a lot of money. And didn’t that Wall Street analyst say the business was a river of nickels?”

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Rockin the Sneaks-Motley Crue

Posted by T Rex on February 14, 2008

Live Nation and Motley Crue?? Motley Crue and Nike?? Is Crue going corporate??? Well…yes and no.

Motley Crue is not signing a massive, Madonna-like deal with Live Nation, at least according to a strong denial by bassist Nikki Sixx. The heavy-selling group was rumored to be entering into a multi-year, mega-million dollar pact with the live concert giant. “Motley Crue has not signed any deals,” Sixx countered in a MySpace blog. “Any information reported to the contrary is false and misleading.”

However, Nike has created a very unique pair of sneakers as part of the Nike Dunk High Pro SB Metal Rock Pack. The “Dr. Feelgood” SB’s feature a combo upper of suede, reptile skin, pebbled leather, and smooth leather on a tonal green and red upper. The Nike Dunk High SB “Dr. Feelgoods” are scheduled to release during the Spring of 2008.

I can’t figure out any correlation to the song expect if you were to hurl on a pair of sneakers after feeling too good they would look like this…..



Check out all the Rockin the Sneaks features!

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Disney Assault

Posted by T Rex on January 4, 2008


These guys seem to be the male version of Hannah Montana so I understand why I never have heard of them. The real story is that none of the articles mention that these guys used to be on Columbia Records which makes LiveNation that much more of a threat if they prove to manage an artists growth better than their former labels.

Live Nation has inked a two-year, multi-million dollar worldwide touring deal with the Hollywood Records pop act Jonas Brothers.

The group is exclusively managed by Johnny Wright for Wright Entertainment Group. “We haven’t really started the Disney assault yet,” Wright tells

These kids are going to be the cash cow LiveNation neeed to pay the Madonna tab.

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Live Nation Quiz

Posted by T Rex on December 24, 2007


Take Live Nation’s “50 Moments that Revolutionized Music” Holiday Quiz.

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Live Nation vs. Ticketmaster

Posted by T Rex on December 20, 2007


Live Nation announced today that it has entered into a long-term partnership with CTS Eventim which allow Live Nation to launch it’s own ticketing business.

Ticketmaster not only loses it’s biggest client but also gains a huge competitor. There won’t be too much sympathy for Ticketmaster after cornering the market for so long.

The new agreement will allow Live Nation to begin selling tickets on January 1st, 2009.

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New Series

Posted by T Rex on December 8, 2007


There is a new show starting in January called “Live from the Artists Den” which features artists performing in beautiful rooms and unusual venues. The show’s producer Mark Lieberman teamed up with Ovation TV and the premiere episode is Jan. 13, featuring KT Tunstall at the fully restored, early-20th-century-era Prince George Ballroom in Manhattan.

“One of the main things I wanted to address was the issue of music discovery waning after a certain age,” Lieberman says. “People who were big fans still love music, but they can’t stay out in smoky clubs until the middle of the night. This brings the music to them in a new, innovative way.”

I think there is a huge market for fans that can’t make it out to shows. This will be a great series but I’m still waiting to have a channel or website where I can watch a live concert as it’s happening. Live Nation is scrambling to find ways to support the Madonna tab why not rig a few of their venues to broadcast live concerts either online or on TV? Not just a one off pay per view event but either a subscription or opportunity to buy broadcast tickets to any concert that’s happening in a certain venue. If they convert a few of their Fillmore’s in key markets to broadcast shows I think the response would be overwhelming.

Live Nation call me.

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Amphitheatre Concert Pack Card

Posted by T Rex on December 5, 2007

Now when you pick up a 2lb box of cereal you can also buy lawn seats for any underselling concert.

For the 2008 concert season Live Nation is selling general admission lawn tickets at 263 Costco’s.

“This is an exciting new way for music fans to come see their favorite artists play live, and a great opportunity for Live Nation to extend the live concert experience to a brand new audience,” said Nathan Hubbard, president of Live Nation Ticketing, in a statement.

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