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Rockin the Sneaks-Spring Vans x Bad Brains Collaboration

Posted by jhochstat on December 3, 2008

Via Sole Blvd Blog

This February, Vans will continue the Bad Brains collaboration that it originally put together with the help of Supreme last spring. The updated line will go into broader release, with a series of T shirts and three footwear models: a ‘46 LE, a Sk-8 Hi LE, and a Chukka Boot LX.

Bad Brains, if you don’t know, isn’t new. They came up in the Washington D.C. hardcore scene, and made spots like NYC’s CBGBs famous. Meet any lost child of the 80s or 90s and they’ll tell you that Bad Brains saved their life. If you don’t want to ask, or don’t want to sit through an hour of muddled explanations, check out the Wikipedia. Or, if you know, and you’re down, petitition Obama to have them play his inauguration here.


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