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See The Music XVIII – Come Again

Posted by jhochstat on November 17, 2008

See The Music XVIII – Come Again
Photos and Story by Beana Bern

Listening to Jerry sing Mission in the Rain, drinking peppermint tea with a little Doozer curled by my lap seems like a nice opportunity to tell a story about the good old days…now longer ago than I can believe…but instead, I am going to refrain from telling you about the time I saw the Grateful Dead alone at Giant’s Stadium and walked around the venue no less than four times looking for Fat Albert, my Toyota minivan.  I am also going to refrain from telling you about the slow-speed golf cart chase that ensued in Addison, Vermont at sunrise after an amazing weekend of friends and enlightenment.   Though the ‘good old days’ are very much on my mind tonight I am going to refrain from telling you those stories and tell you, instead, about some fun, new days here in Innsbrucklyn.

I’ve mentioned PMK many, many times because it is, of sorts, my new Wetlands or Bowery or 2A or 3Needs or Nectars…Not that it’s new, but I am so it’s the same difference.  Its a dive bar and club where good things happen and the night before I left for the US of A there was some fun that occurred there.  Sitting here sick for the umteenth (that word looks weird written) day in a row I have some concerns about telling you that I got sauced and stayed out til the sun came up before hopping my flight, but I did.  Some bands, unknown to me, were playing a “big” show and 2 of them ended up being pretty rad.

Looking back, I think the bill had like 8 bands on it or something insane but I arrived around 11 and caught the last 3.  The first one was a polish grungie metal band called Filth of the Earth.  They sounded a lot like their name would suggest but the lead singer had great abs.

I stayed there only long enough to fire off a few shots and concentrated on the revelry next door waiting for the show I had come to see.  By the time Warren Suicide took the stage I was slightly lubricated so they’re total dance party vibe was easy to slip into.  They were very high energy and, though I can’t recall how even one of their songs goes, I had a ton of fun with these guys.  So much fun, in fact, that I would seek them out again for sure.  There was as much boogie happening as shutter-clicking so take these shots with a Dead Sea’s worth of salt, okay?

By the time their set was finished it was the wee-hours and everybody was marinated and excited about T Raumschmiere (for those of you unsure how to say that, its like Raum-schmear-er) a German ElectroClash superstar and lush.  He poured a beer over his head at the get go, took off his shirt and then went off.  The music reminded me a little bit of the dancey Nine Inch Nails with heavy industrial beats.  There was definitely a rock and roll element too and, generally speaking, I liked it.  His pants were way too low and the forceful, drunken stage show made me want to back up but, all in all, it was a treat and also good fun.  Apparently this guy plays much bigger rooms than the petite PMK so this was a treat for everybody and it had that feel.  I was on my 4th Radler around the time these shots were fired so be kind…

Would I seek this guy out again, you ask?  I probably would.  I was always a fan of Nine Inch Nails (even moreso after seeing Trent Reznor sing acoustic at the Bridge School Benefit) and I liked the vibe.  Curious? Check out a little on MySpace….Living in Europe, especially Austria, I need to make some nice with electronic music and I feel like this new-to-me genre of ElectroClash has some potential.

I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them…and that you can take some comfort in knowing that one day these days…the ones we’re living right now, will be the good old days.

dont forget to see the music

Beana Bern


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