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Bowie Videos Play MoMA

Posted by jhochstat on November 12, 2008

Via The Setlist on Variety

David Bowie has made it to the Museum of Modern Art.
The New York City museum will screen 15 of Bowie’s videos on Dec. 1 in the Titus 1 Theater. Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore will be the host.Moore  co-organized the event with Barbara London, associate curator, department of media at MoMA.

The videos:
John I’m Only Dancing. (1972). Directed by Mick Rock. 2:49 min.

Jean Genie. (1972). Directed by Mick Rock. 4:02 min.

Life on Mars. (1973). Directed by Mick Rock. 3:55 min.

Heroes. (1977). Directed by Stanley Dorfman. 3:27 min.

DJ. (1979). Directed by David Mallet. 3:58 min.

Ashes to Ashes. (1980). Directed by David Mallet & David Bowie. 3:33 min.

China Girl. (1983). Directed by David Mallet & David Bowie. 4:03 min.

Blue Jean. (1984). Directed by Julien Temple. 3:17 min.

As the World Falls Down. (1986). Directed by Steve Barron. 3:41 min.

Fame 90. (1990). Directed by Gus Van Sant. Edited by Edouard Lock. 3:33 min.

Jump They Say. (1993). Directed by Mark Romanek. 4:00 min.

The Hearts Filthy Lesson. (1995). Directed by Sam Bayer. 4:58 min.

Dead Man Walking. (1997). Directed by Floria Sigismondi. 3:49 min.

I’m Afraid of Americans. (1997). Directed by Dom & Nic. 4:25 min.

Survive. (1999). Directed and produced by Walter Stern. 3:29 min.


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