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See The Music XVI – EF @ PMK

Posted by jhochstat on October 6, 2008

See The Music XVI –  EF @ PMK
Photos and Story by Beana Bern

The floor of PMK turned to quicksand last night by the time EF, a post-rock band from Sweden, played their second song.  Like Mogwai or Sigur Ros, their thick, ambient sound builds slowly and before you know it, it’s rolled over you completely like a blanket of cement.  Soft, sometimes too emo vocals, would wind and twist their way into heavy, driving sonic waves of sound before you realized what was happening.

I was struck at how good they were and wasn’t sure if I held that opinion because I rolled in with no expectations or because I was genuinely affected.  When I got home, only a couple hours before sunrise, I found them on MySpace and decided to take another pass and see…

The 6 tracks they have posted are worth listening to but only if you have a quiet moment to let the music transport you to that breezy, sometimes stormy, place all the tracks seem to go.  It was a total sleeper but I’m really glad I motivated…If you’d like to see the complete album from last nights post-rock feast, click here.


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