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Just Plain Cool Audio Gear-Unsolvable subwoofer inspired by Rubik’s cube

Posted by jhochstat on September 2, 2008

From CrunchGear via Shiny Shiny

Like the Rubik’s Cube, do you? Also like booty-thumping bass in your face? Then you, my friend, are the ideal marketing segment for Elac, maker of the Rubik’s Cube-inspired MicroSub 2010 BT subwoofer.

From a technical standpoint, the 2010 BT is a 2.1 Bluetooth-enabled speaker system (there are two small satellite tweeters that go along with the subwoofer).

The whole setup isn’t NEW new (announced about a month ago), but it was supposed to be available in June/July of this year according to the company’s marketing PDF. It’s not out yet, though, so pricing and availability seem to still be up in the air.


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