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Posted by jhochstat on August 20, 2008

Via Stax Musem Blog

The Stax Museum marquee – Photo by Ronnie Booze.

Needless to say, it has been a very emotional time for the Soulsville Foundation, as it as the rest of the Stax music family and many others, since Isaac Hayes passed away on August 10th. While the foundation has other plans in the works, today, August 20, 2008 will be honoring his memory and his legacy on what would have been Isaac’s 66th birthday with a special celebration in the Stax Music Academy and The Soulsville Charter School.

The event will include:

Welcome/Occasion: Soulsville Charter School Chancellor and Stax Music Academy Executive Director Cary Booker;

Introduction of the Soulsville Symphony Orchestra & brief remarks: Soulsville Charter School orchestra instructor Bobby Hawkins;

Soulsville Symphony Orchestra: Performance of Isaac Hayes’ “Theme From Shaft” and other musical selections;

Brief Remarks: Soulsville Charter School students;

Remarks: Soulsville Foundation CEO Marc E. Willis;

Closing Remarks: Soulsville Charter School Principal NeShante Brown

Guests at the Stax Museum will be invited to attend. The event should last approximately 30 minutes. Special photographs of Isaac Hayes will be on display.

Please check back by visiting the Stax Museum News Blog at for further updates.

We miss you, Isaac.


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