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Friday Food-Gobbl Rank: Top 50 Restaurants in NYC, as decided by a “Secret Formula”

Posted by jhochstat on August 1, 2008

from Gobbl via Eater

Photo Credit: Nick Solares of Beef Aficionado

There are some heavyweight critics who don’t believe in these types of lists. For them, the dining out experience is too subjective and unquantifiable. Here at Gobbl, we’re inclined to disagree. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been applying our math and social science skills to produce a rather nerdy formula – one that accounts for the opinion of big time critics, the haters, the lovers, and nearly 500 diners. We’ve filtered almost 200 restaurants through this formula to produce our top fifty restaurants in New York City. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas, but of course, we’re keeping our secret formula under a tight lid for now!

50. Buddakan
49. Il Mulino
48. Peter Luger Steak House
47. Telepan
46. Sushi of Gari
45. The Little Owl
44. Sushi Seki
43. Devi
42. Morimoto
41. Spice Market
40. Sfoglia
39. davidburke and donatella
38. Kuruma Zushi
37. Four Seasons
36. Town
35. WD-50 (pictured above)
34. Country
33. Oceana
32. Balthazar
31. Ouest
30. Esca
29. Annisa
28. The Modern
27. Alto
26. Aureole
25. Sushi Yasuda
24. Union Square Café
23. Del Posto
22. Tabla
21. Blue Hill
20. Sugiyama
19. Aquavit
18. Babbo
17. Bouley
16. Gotham Bar and Grill
15. Chanterelle
14. Craft
13. Picholine
12. Eleven Madison Park
11. Cru
10. Gramercy Tavern
9. Café Boulud
8. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon
7. Momofuku Ko
6. La Grenouille
5. Jean Georges
4. Daniel
3. Per Se
2. Masa
1. Le Bernardin


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