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JRoxx Radio? Get the Funk Outta Here!

Posted by jhochstat on July 20, 2008

That’s right folks, starting this Wednesday July 23rd, yours truly JRoxx will be hosting a weekly show on Radio Johnson called Get the Funk Outta Here! The show will air every Wednesday from 3-6 PM EST.  The first week’s show will feature the music of Chuck Brown & Trouble Funk, the undisputed masters of Washington DC’s own music form,  GoGo music.

Three albums will be played in the following order, all from original CD’s:

Trouble Funk – Drop The Bomb Originally Produced By Sylvia Robinson and released on Sugarhill Records in 1982, re-released by Uk’s Sequel Records on CD in 1993.

Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers – Any Other Way To Go? Killer live album released on Rhythm Attack Records in 1987 showcasing Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers in peak form.

Trouble Funk – Early Singles Originally released in 1981 and re-released on Rick Rubin’s Infinite Zero Records on CD in 1997.This is what Musician Magazine had to say about this release: Trouble Funk’s early singles a certified treasure.  A godsend from the powers that be.  It is a compilation of early T. Funk singles which you cannot find otherwise even though these are groundbreaking recordings of the DC go-go scene. A steady percussive drive locks together conga, hand instruments and trops to chanted to vocals, making a dance machine that rolls along as steady as a heartbeat

Each week I will be digging deep into my vast musical archive to put forth a show spotlighting different aspects of Funk, Soul, some Jazz and other music forms. Requests are always welcome…

Tune in and check the show out, it will be fun!


P.S. Podcasts will be available by request.


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