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Chuck Brown-The Godfather of GoGo at Lincoln Center Tonight

Posted by jhochstat on July 9, 2008

Some of you may know who Chuck Brown is but you are probably in the minority.  Chuck Brown is the undisputed Godfather of DC’s own style of music, known as GoGo which is a mix of horns, percussion, funk and soul.  Chuck made his name is Washington DC in the late ’70’s with his addition of double down drumming and hand clapping added on top of pure funky fun music.  Without Chuck Brown , we would not have seen bands like:  Trouble Funk, Rare Essence and E.U.

I lived in DC “back in the day” and used to see Chuck play all the time at a small club called The Vegas Lounge which was a beat down club in a beat up neighborhood.  Once inside the music made you forget all about where you were.

Tonight’s show info:

Chuck Brown
Midsummer Night Swing
Damrosch Park – Lincoln Center
Wednesday July 9, 2008 at 6:30PM

Tickets Here

Chuck Brown – Bustin’ Loose


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