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Ibanez releases Limited Edition Joe Satriani 20th Anniversary Guitars

Posted by jhochstat on July 6, 2008

The JS20TH (shown above) is the rarest of the models, with only 150 being made available in the US. The JS20TH celebrates the 20th anniversary of Joe Satriani’s Surfing With the Alien CD and 20 years with Ibanez, features special 3D Silver Surfer graphic inlay, JS Prestige neck,DiMarzio® PAF Pro® and Fred® pickups. Includes a special JS20TH case and extra goodies. The list price for this model is $7,999.99.

The other model, the JS20S has a standard Silver Surfer graphic, IBZ Axis pickups and the Edge III tremolo. List price for this model is $1733.32.

Here is what Ibanez has to say about the whole series:

The Magician’s power is transformation through the use of will and sheer talent. This is a dangerous gift and the high-wire acts he performs often seem like dark magic. With its clean, body-fitting design, the Joe Satriani Signature JS a deceptively simple yet potent divining rod, able to raise impossible flurries of notes and melodies from the fertile pastures of your rock guitar dreams.
  • New Premium Silver finish adorns the JS1600.
  • Multi-radius Prestige neck (JS1000/JS1200) is an
  • exact digital rendering of the neck on Joe’s favorite axe.
  • High pass filter on JS1000 and JS1200 volume pots maintains highs at low volumes.
  • Combination of 25 1/2” inch neck scale and DiMarzio or Ibanez Axis pickups provides wide dynamic range and versatility.
  • JS20S features Surfer graphic (decal), IBZ pickups and Edge III bridge.

You can see the entire series of Satriani 20th Anniversary guitars here.


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