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See the Music XIV – This pain in my ear hurts, OUCH!

Posted by jhochstat on July 3, 2008

See the Music XIV – This pain in my ear hurts, OUCH!
Photos and Story by Beana Bern

On about 5 hours of sleep and about 25 hours of iMac, I have no idea why im awake enough to re-cap Enon but I am so I’m rolling with it. Good old pmk had another interesting act on tap and i felt like it’s been a while since I shot some music so I decided to head over and try to let the music massage away my stress. In a nutshell, that didn’t happen.

I met up with my friend Brad and we ended up catching up waiting (almost 2 hours!) for the band to go on. I know better than to show up that early for a show but they surprised us with an opening act that we weren’t expecting…or deserving. The chic at the door didn’t even know their name which is not a good sign. After about 10 bars of the first song I headed back to the lounge to try and kill some time. Remenants of some shitty Stone Temple Pilot tune confirmed that this band was aspiring to be another one of the worlds most mediocre…Whatever. Enough bitching. They sucked but I wasn’t there for them anyway.

Enon finally took the stage around 10 til midnight and it’s possible that they might have been good. I am unsure because with the first notes my eyes were squinting and I kept feeling my ears to see if they were bleeding. Seriously, it was like that TDK commercial with the dude in the chair and the sound waves are blowing his hair in the wind. Somebody forgot to tell the sound guy (aka loudmaker) that he wasn’t working the Garden. I nabbed a couple photos and then decided, much like Hundskopf the other day, that this rock show wasn’t worth all future rock shows and I bailed. I have since stuffed ear plugs into every camera bag and pocket that might ever find its way into a club again.

The band might have been something I was into if it hadn’t been for the prohibitively loud and painful vibrations in the cement room but I guess I’ll never know. Perhaps I’ll slurp a track or two off of Brad’s iPod and see what I missed.

Here are a couple photos from the show, though you can click here to see them all. See if you can feel how loud it was when each photo was snapped.

My tired ears are still recovering…


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