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Rock Art Wednesday-My Morning Jacket Poster & Jermaine Rogers News

Posted by T Rex on June 24, 2008

Our friends over at Live Music Blog showed this great poster from Radio City by Guy Burwell from the recent My Morning Jacket show this past Friday. Check out Sam’s great review here.

In other artist news Jermaine Rogers sent this email out to his fans.

This is just a quick note to remind any of you in the Manitou Springs, Colorado area that the formal opening of the DERO 72 Studios and Gallery will be happening this Friday, June 27th, starting around 5PM and going on until around 9PM.

There will be a lot of Jermaine Rogers artwork available, past and present…including some pieces that many of you have been searching out for YEARS. There will also be a variety of vinyl toy figures, regulars and rarities. There will be a selection of original artwork on display, a few pieces of which will be for sale. Various test-prints and proofs will be on hand, including many things that Jermaine has squirreled away over the years. There will also be several art prints that Jermaine has not yet released to the general public: these will be available in extremely limited quantity.

As many of you know, the studio/gallery has been opened for several weeks now…so, this ‘opening’ is a formal meet-and-greet of sorts. As we mentioned above, there will be quite a few things that Jermaine will have on hand for the event. The gallery is still in the final stages of initial set-up (we’re still waiting for the custom lighted sign out front to be completed and delivered), but the hundreds who’ve visited the gallery so far have been pleased and impressed. Jermaine will be in attendance, as will studio/gallery assistants, Bianka and Dustin. Come on out if you’re in the area: it should be a good time.

On a side note, we already have 2 separate guest artist showings planned at the DERO 72 gallery in the coming months. The 2 artists in question are masters in the field of poster art, and we’re sure you’ll be excited when we announce who they are. Each is creating work as we speak that will be featured in their respective showings. Jermaine will also collaborate with each artist for pieces that will be released during the showings. More news to come.

Thanks to the fine folks at NOWhere Limited Gallery for developing an efficient shipping program for us and for packing and sending our orders over the past year! Orders, including the most recent batch, are now shipping directly from DERO 72 Studios and Gallery. Questions about shipping and order fulfillment should be directed to:

So, that’s it. Remember, the DERO 72 Studios and Gallery are located at 934 Manitou Ave. (suite #103: in the historic Manitou Spa Building) Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829. The opening is at 5PM-9PM. For more info. call between noon and 5PM Sunday – Wednesday and between noon and 8PM Thursday – Saturday : 719-685-DERO (3376)

Next week, info on the Mars Volta European Tour 2008 print, new art prints, all the news on the Ween Summer Tour series featuring Jermaine and Todd Slater and (it’s time again!) San Diego Comicon 2008!

Good times!

See all past Jermaine Rogers Rock Art Wednesday’s here.


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