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See the Music XIII – Man Man oh Man!

Posted by jhochstat on June 10, 2008

See the Music Vol. XIII – Man Man oh Man!
Photos and Story by Beana Bern

“Viking-vaudeville, Manic Gypsy Jazz” is actually a pretty perfect description of Man Man, a band from Philadelphia, that was playing Innsbruck’s PMK last night. I headed over to the club with all my gear in tow and I’m glad I brought it all. These guys are all about their stage show and, in my opinion, it is really something to see. There were more instruments and percussive accessories than could be counted, all of which came into play at some point including an audience member, a bowl of spoons and a bottle of water, though most of the tunes revolved around the funky keyboard and lead vocals. Throw a slide whistle, saxphone, trumpet and some pretty awesome vocal tricks and you have a party.

Many bands and genres came to mind over the course of their set but, if I’m being honest, I can say that I have never experienced anything like them. A psychotic sounding-funky-klezmer-circus for my ears and feet but I dont know if this attempt at telling you what these guys are up to is any more apt than the ‘viking- vaudeville’ one. From the moment they started playing to the moment they stopped I was with them and I stayed with them until they were done.

Their their new album Rabbit Habits is interesting (i love Big Trouble and Top Drawer)…you can check some tunes on myspace…but these guys are really about the experience. Should you have the chance to see them in a tiny awesome club, up close and personal I recommend that you do it.

Click here to see a slide show of my work from last night and then click here to see my talented friend Stefan Lachinger’s perspective on the show.


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