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Rock Art Wednesday- Another Todd Slater Sale On Friday!!

Posted by T Rex on June 10, 2008

Another message from Todd:

Sorry about the long subject line, hopefully it gets the point across. As the subject states, I have FOUR new prints going on sale this Friday, at 2pm CST! I’m hoping to help save on shipping costs for those of you buying multiple titles. Check out these prints along with some new previews at

RADIOHEAD – $50 – approx. 23×32, 4 colors with 2 blends and one metallic ink, edition of 200.
The image is a comment on how Radiohead distributed their new album. The print looks really stunning person. I’m expecting it to sell out quickly, so be there on time if you want it.

THE CURE – $35 – approx. 16×24, 2 colors on orange paper, edition of 200.

CAT POWER – $30 – approx. 16×24, 3 colors on navy paper, edition of 200. Chan’s new album features several Dylan covers. I was inspired by the single original track on the album describing her watching Dylan as a kid.

FEIST – $30 – approx. 16×24. 4 colors, edition of 200. Half the prints in this edition are for the Austin show and half are for the Tulsa show.

Now, on Thursday, at 2PM CST I will be selling a package of all four new posters for $145. After several requests to bring back the “triple play” deal I decided to give you all a chance to buy these titles early. A new image will be up on my site on Thursday with the four posters and a buy button.

That’s all for now. All subscriber tubes and orders have been shipped, so be on the look out for those if you haven’t already received them. Next on my calendar is a Ween series. I’m really looking forward to this tour series, as I will be collaborating with a well known poster artist. I also have a Nine Inch Nails print on the schedule that I know many of you are looking for. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far – take care and I’ll take with you soon.



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