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Rockin the Sneaks-NBA Finals Edition

Posted by jhochstat on June 8, 2008

I just want to start this post of with a quick disclaimer: My posting of a pair of Kevin Garnett’s sneakers in the Celtic’s green in no way constitutes my support of the Boston Celtics (Knicks fan for life!)

Adidas Team Signature KG Commander
(via Hypebeast & Kicks on Fire)

The Boston Celtics dynasty have finally gotten to the NBA Finals after 22 long years and countless team reconstructions. With the addition of their superstar player Kevin Garnett, the Celtics are currently chasing their 17th title against the LA Lakers. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Adidas will be releasing up to 57 pairs (minimum of 33) of these special edition KG Commanders. Eight pairs will be released for every final’s game (up to 7 games) at a price of $1017 (for their 17th run), and one special signed pair will be auctioned off after the playoffs.

The details of the shoes will feature a profile of KG on one side and the coveted Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy on the opposite. as well as an embroaidered 1-7 on the lateral size, which refers to the number of games possible in the series. Each number gets larger in font, as each one becomes more important as the series goes on.

There are also tributes to 2 friends and mentors in KG’s career incorporated into the shoes; “2 Malik” located under the strap for Malik Sealy, and “KP 34” on the back of the shoes for Kirby Puckett. Aside from these special editions the regular Commander KGs will be released later this year in October.


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