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Foodie-NYC Now has Its 1st Premium Sake Store…Sakaya

Posted by jhochstat on May 21, 2008

(The image above is sake in Japanese Calligraphy)

On my way home from the office today (which is actually the office for a bar) I was walking on 9th Street in the East Village on my way to the 6 train. When I walked the stretch between 1st and 2nd avenues (The 300 block), I came across a new store that I had not seen before… Sakaya (which means sake shop in Japanese).

The store is relatively small but well stocked with premium sakes. The owners of Sakaya introduce themselves on their website in a very friendly and welcoming way:

Hi! We’re Rick and Hiroko and we’re sake enthusiasts with a dream…

You can find their story full story here.

If you live in NYC and love sake, you should definitley check this store out. You can see the passion, hospitality and desire to inform and educate that both Rick & Hiroko have for their product, their concept and their customers.

324 E. 9th Street
New York, NY 10009


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