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Rock Art Wednesday-Christopher Lands

Posted by T Rex on May 20, 2008

This week’s artist I found by posting on the Gigposters forums. There are so many amazing artists out there it’s been great discovering all the different ways of finding them and then trying each week to make the deadline to share with everyone all the great rock artwork being made. Welcome this week Christopher Lands of Surrender Art to Rock Art Wednesday.

You can see all his work here…..

RD-Tell us a little bit about yourself.

CL-I have been doing screenprinted rock posters for about three years now. I am heavily influenced by old movie posters and WWII era signage. In my posters I try to convey a sense of emotion or story the band gives. I prefer to use bold graphics with big headlines…usually color palette of big contrast. I prefer to work with bands I do not know a lot about as it requires a lot of research and work into “getting” the band. I’ve done everything from indie rock to punk to electronic and all over the place. Starting this year and moving forward I’m hoping to heavily bring in my influence of 50s era art into my works and hopefully try a lot of new things.

RD-What bands are you currently listening too?

CL- In pretty constant rotation are the bouncing souls, replacements, old Apringsteen, pixies, toadies, face to face, new order, big star

RD- What are the top 3 concerts you’ve been to?

CL-Quite a hard one……
The NIN Self-Destruct Tour in ’94 in NYC (i think) with Marilyn Manson and the Jim Rose circus. that was my first huge rock show, quite an experience.
I saw the Bouncing Souls in New York City on the night Johnny Cash died. that was quite a moving night.
I cant really think, my teen years and early twenties were a blur. all I did was go to or play shows…now, iI hardly ever go to shows. I always enjoyed seeing Clutch. I’ve seen some good bad religion and social distortion shows. Quicksand in like 95 or so in Asbury Park stands out- it was the first warped tour- Sublime played and were terrible. No one was there and that guys dog was running around, it puked on my foot. then Quicksand came on and I got the crap kicked out of me- that was fun.

Thanks Christopher!



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