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Rockin the Sneaks(For the Knicks!)-Puma Basket 70’s Champ

Posted by jhochstat on May 13, 2008

Okay so this is the 2nd Rockin the Sneaks posting of Knicks related sneaks in three days, the first being on Sunday the Original Adidas Attitude Ewing’s. The way I figure it, the more positive mojo we put up here harking back to the glory days of the Knicks, the better chance we have of hitting the lottery again.

For this second Rockin the Sneaks post dedicated to the Knicks I bring you the Puma Basket 70’s Champs NYC .

Here is the description of the release:

Straight from the Puma archive in 1971 comes the Puma Basket ’70s Champ. This was originally the leather answer to the Clyde, but the distinctive look combined with the clean and simple design gave this shoe instant entry into the sneaker hall of fame. The Puma Basket ’70s Champ series pays homage to the three cities that won NBA Championships in the 1970s: New York City in 1972, Boston in 1975 and Seattle in 1979.

(Of course we only care about the Knicks ones though...)

Oh and by the way Undrcrwn has made a really cool limited edition Knicks lottery shirt too..

You gotta believe……


One Response to “Rockin the Sneaks(For the Knicks!)-Puma Basket 70’s Champ”

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