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Rock Art Wednesday-Brian Methe

Posted by T Rex on May 13, 2008

This week’s artist was a poster collector for years and used to read the gigposters forums to learn how other artists got their starts before he began to design on his own. He started off doing free work for indie and local bands and gradually has worked his way up to some of rock’s greatest acts. He’s got the gift and natural talent to produce kick ass posters.

This week’s Rock Art Wednesday artist is Brian Methe. (The Ween Womb Poster below is my favorite)

RD: Where can we see your stuff. Which websites, myspace address etc…..

BM: Here are the places where you can find my work:

RD: What are you currently working on?

BM: I am currently working on a t-shirt design for Burning Brides and posters for indie festivals and summer tours

RD: How did you get started?

BM: I’d been collecting posters for years and read the forums about how other artists got started so I used myspace and the internet to build a portfolio doing free work for indie and local bands and gradually worked my way up to doing bigger shows.

RD: What is the favorite poster that you have created?

BM: My Arcade Fire and Modest Mouse posters are my favorite because they came as close to the image i had in my head.


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