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Guitar Hero: Gateway Drug to Six-String Bliss

Posted by T Rex on April 28, 2008

A recent Wired article points to the fact that over 14 million units of Guitar Hero have been sold in North America since the game’s release in 2005. Will we look back 10 years from now and be able to point to the current popularity of Guitar Hero and Rock Band for all the great new guitar rock we will be listening to in 2018?

“The wildfire success of music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band is causing a subtle revolution in popular music — maybe not on the level of the British Invasion of the ’60s, but noticeable nonetheless. The games are bringing about renewed interest in the guitar, a music-making machine that’s been losing traction lately to turntables and laptops. Guitar Hero is like a gateway drug that’s getting a new wave of players hooked on guitar.”

“There’s even a videogame coming that promises to bridge the gap between game guitar and music lesson: Guitar Rising will purportedly let users play a Guitar Hero-type game using an actual guitar instead of a plastic controller.”

I can’t play a note a of music but have been to endless concerts and experienced the joys to truly love a band/artist or song so much you would do anything and travel anywhere to hear it performed live. I have felt those goose bumps and have had my eyes filled with tears when you know your in the presence of something magical happening on stage. When I was younger I pissed away my video game time on Space Invaders, Qbert, Mario Brothers and Zelda . Imagine where I’d be if I could have been rocking to Velvet Underground or crushing Metallica songs in my living room? These kids are being exposed to great music and if it leads to more guitar legends and gets kids out to concerts…..start cranking those games out monthly.

Check out the whole article over at Wired here.

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Will video games saves the music industry?


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