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Posted by jhochstat on April 27, 2008

Every now and again a group and an album come along that when you put the cd in the player and hit play, sheer joy and fun come out of the speakers. You know what I mean, one of those cd’s that when it is playing and people walk in to listen to it without knowing who it is say “Who is this, this is great?”

I am sure some of you are wondering what was up with the title all in capital letters, well that’s the way LOVE PYSCHEDELICO spells it.

Who, you may ask are LOVE PSCHEDELICO? They are out of Japan and consist of Kumi (vocals) and Naoki (guitar). They have been playing together since they met while studying together in Tokyo in 1997. Their US label Hacktone Records calls their music “Insanely Catchy Garage Pop” and I have to say that is a pretty damn accurate description. Having received my promo copy in the mail from Hacktone the other day I must say it is has been on HEAVY rotation ever since the envelope the cd came in was opened. THIS IS LOVE PSYCHEDELICO is their US debut.

Kumi and Naoki’s harmonies are instantly infectious and give you the feeling that you have been listening to their music for years. I picked up reminders of both Luscious Jackson and The Breeders when I listened to it but Delico (as they are affectionately called by leagues of fanatics) create a sound that is fresh, completely theirs and sorely missing in a lot of today’s bands.

Their songs feature lush harmonies, twangy guitar riffs and a variety of other sounds such as acoustic guitars, organs and layered vocals throughout the cd. It is evident that this group has been playing together for quite a while as all of the different elements blend together seamlessly to produce a sonically enjoyable cd from start to finish.

By now you may be wondering how big are they in Japan if they have been around since 1997?

Their promo material also gives us these 2 nuggets of information that tell us that this is no flash in the pan.

  • They have sold over 4 million records in Japan alone.
  • They’ve sold out Budokan…several nights in a row.

During the band’s January 2008 stop in Los Angeles to master the album, their fans turned up in droves. LOVE PSCHEDELICO is coming back to the US to spend an entire summer soaking up the sun and speaking in tongues and chords to the devoted and converted alike (this paragraph courtesy Hacktone Records promo material enclosed with cd)

I cannot suggest strongly enough GO SEE THIS BAND! & BUY THIS CD!

Digital Release: May 13th, 2008

CD in stores on May 20th, 2008

Band Website


This is the soundtrack for the summer of 2008!

(Kumi & Naoki)

Special thanks to Shawnté, Hacktone’s Mistress of PR/Guerrilla Marketing for tipping me off to this band!

“YOUR SONG” – Live at Budokan


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