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See the Music Vol 10 – Innsbruck Sound City

Posted by jhochstat on April 26, 2008

Once again our resident rock photographer, music writer and eyes and ears on the European live music scene Beana Bern checks in with yet another top notch See the Music. This time the band is a name that may not be familiar to many of you, Mauracher (out of Vienna, Austria). However once you read Beana’s review and check out Mauracher’s music, you will realize that Beana always seems to be tipping us off to bands we should see and hear.

Take it away Beana…

There are nights that I carry my cameras out into the world and I feel like they are huge butterfly nets, light and airy and filled with limitless potential. Then there are other nights when my gear feels more like armor and, instead of catching music in the air, they serve more as a wall between me and the noise.

Last night was Innsbruck’s version of CMJ and a handful of bands played a handful of clubs in an event called SoundCity. I hadn’t heard about the music marathon until late yesterday afternoon and hadn’t planned on working it but, as I am prone to do, I ended up shooting two of the acts. The first band I saw played the Treibhaus and was called Mauracher. They were recommended to me by a friend with very good taste in tunes and I wanted to check out a new venue in town. Fortunately I got there before the drunken swarms of kiddies and had a good spot up front with my new friend, fellow rock photog Claus.

I have to say that I really loved this band. They had this kind of heavy distortion underlining the overall sound that would crescendo and dissipate in a way that reminded me of Mogwai…only with a chick singing. I checked out some of their studio work when I was uploading my pix last night and was a little sad that the energy and depth of their live show didn’t translate, but they’re still really good and worth experiencing. Here are some of my favorite shots from the set, but click here to see them all.

After what was mostly the full set of Mauracher the club started to feel a little saturated with pretty wasted people and I decided I would catch one more act before rolling back home. Trying to get up the stairs and out of Treibhaus is what made me think of armor. I seriously needed to hip-check, elbow and basically mow people down with my camera bag to exit the joint. It was anticlimactic when I finally made it outside since it was essentially a full-on downpour.

I decided to drive over to PMK to avoid the raindrops and check out Mäuse. When the band took the stage it was clear that this was not going to be the butterfly-catching sweetness that Mauracher was and, as I was realizing that thought, I was simultaneously hit with a mic stand and 2 pints of beer. The kiddes went crazy for these guys and after a few dicey minutes shooting from the quasi-mosh pit it was time to get the hell out of dodge. Mäuse is one of those bands I’m glad I saw live but won’t go see again…I’m gonna revisit some of their studio music to see if I like the sound better without the mayhem. Check out the photos by clicking here.

See the Music,
Beana Bern

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