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We welcome a new contributor to Runaway Dinosaur (and a new feature too!)

Posted by jhochstat on April 17, 2008

Greetings loyal Runaway Dinosaur readers. T Rex and I are very pleased and proud to welcome a new contributor to the Runaway Dinosaur team. His name is Stego* and he joins us as our “man on the inside”. He will be popping in from time to time with some cool features that will allow us a glimpse into the life of someone still surviving in the record industry and who just might break the next hot band….

Oh and by the way Stego* has a cool blog of his own called Tuneage please hop over and check it out!

Ladies and gentleman we present you……Stego*

Hello all! This is Stego*, Runaway Dinosaur’s newest contributor, coming at you from the trenches of the record industry. Educated in A&R, marketing and yes music, I’ll be bringing you brand new artists and bands you have yet to hear about. I look forward to hearing what you have to say about ’em, so please feel free to email us and comment. Thanks to T Rex and jroxx for the opportunity!!

Please enjoy my contribution to Runaway Dinosaur:

You’ve Never Heard Of This Band!

Alan Cassidy hails from Paisley, Scotland and plays gritty rock steeped in soul.

It all started with a truly genuine MySpace message. Of the hundred or so I was receiving each week from prospective rappers, rockers, and singer/songwriters, this one stood out. It was personal, mentioning me by name, a effort seemingly lost on the rest of MySpace. He talked about how much he dug the label I worked for and how his major influences were signed here. At the end, he hits me with this: “I just want the shot at becoming a recording artist I really feel I found the key to universe with the thing I got going down an [sic] I appreciate you taking the time to hear me out.” His obvious excitement and energy pulled me in further.

Somehow I knew I would like this young Scotsman’s music.

Citing the Clash, Roy Orbison, and The Boss as his biggest influences, Alan’s sound was born 8 years ago in a fiery, smokey cauldron West of Glasgow. Currently he is putting the finishing touches on his backing band in Scotland, writing, and rehearsing. Alan has yet to release an official LP or even an EP, save for his groups of songs he calls ‘sketches’. Head over to Alan’s Myspace page and crank up “This Is It” and “She’s My Love”.

Let us know what you think in the comment section if you feel so inclined.

Til the next one,



One Response to “We welcome a new contributor to Runaway Dinosaur (and a new feature too!)”

  1. Julie said

    Amazing thankyou for putting me onto this young artist

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