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Kings of Diggin’: Kon & Amir and DJ Muro – Watch, Listen & Learn!

Posted by jhochstat on April 17, 2008

If you are truly a fan of music and old school beats and you have never heard of Kon & Amir or DJ Muro then you need to go back to class and realize that these three master diggers find and mix some of the rarest beats out there. Kon & Amir’s On Track Series is just simply amazing, all mixed live and all vinyl, no tracklists no nothing.

I am fortunate enough to have the entire Kon & Amir catalogue which just never ceases to reveal new beats on every listen. I also own a good chunk of the DJ Muro catalogue as well which is equally mind numbing in its brilliance of lost beats.

DJ Muro mostly releases his mixes in Japan but he joined forces with Kon & Amir in 2006 to release The Kings of Diggin’. On the liner notes to the album is the following quote which pretty much says it all:

Beat diggers and vinyl addicts don’t just buy music; They rescue it from obscurity. Crate digging has always been an integral part of hip-hop culture; producers might spend days in basements and back alley record spots looking for “the perfect beat” with dirty fingers, dust masks, portable turntables- anything to aid their quest. With sample-based production making its way back into the mainstream (shouts to Kanye, Just Blaze and Rich Harrison), it seemed the perfect time for BBE/Rapster to bring out their latest Kings of… compilation.

Watch, Listen & Learn

If you do not own any of the cd’s listed below, seek them out. These guys are the real deal! JRoxx

DJ Muro

DJ Muro – King of Diggin’ Vol. 1
DJ Muro – King of Diggin’ Vol. 2
DJ Muro – King of Diggin’ Vol. 3
DJ Muro – Summer Breeze
DJ Muro – Super Funk Breaks
DJ Muro – Super Disco Breaks
DJ Muro – Super Reggae Breaks
DJ Muro – Diggin’ Ice 96
DJ Muro – Diggin’ Ice 97
DJ Muro – Diggin’ Ice 98
DJ Muro – Diggin’ Ice 99

Kon & Amir

Kon & Amir – On Track Vol. 1
Kon & Amir – On Track Vol. 2
Kon & Amir – On Track Vol. 3
Kon & Amir – On Track Vol. 4
Kon & Amir – On Track Vol. 5
Kon & Amir – On Track Vol. 6
Kon & Amir – Uncle Junior’s Friday Fish Fry: The Cleaning
Kon & Amir – Best of On Track

BIG!!!! Ups to BoogieNoMore for tipping us off to this great video


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