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Rock Art Wednesday-Sei Rey Ho & Chris Reynolds

Posted by T Rex on April 1, 2008

In the world of Rock Artists, there are so many artists out there that we don’t know about and 100x times more that don’t know about Runaway Dinosaur. So this week we decided to put a post up on Gigposters looking for Rock Artists who wanted to be featured on R.A.W. The response to our post was great and this week we are proud to feature the work of Sei Rey Ho and Chris Reynolds of Us and Them.

A little history by Sei Rey Ho……

“Right now, Us & Them consists of Chris Reynolds and myself. I mainly do all the printmaking and design for the posters, and Chris handles alot of our web projects. Our online presence doesn’t really represent a lot of our agency work.
Currently, I’m in the deep dark mountains of Boone, North Carolina, a small hippie mountain town in western NC.
We just moved here from Seattle, WA. Such a heavy contrast to the city life, but we’re getting more and more work done with the little distractions of the city. Both Chris and I went to design school. Me: the University of South Carolina, Chris: Appalachian State University.
After school, I was sooo amped about design / art / traveling…so my girlfriend and I moved to the big-city Seattle.
I lucked out and landed a graphic designer position as soon as I got in town with Getty Images. Working under the badass art director, Chris Ashworth, (former art director of RayGun), he taught me alot / the position taught me alot about agency dynamics……
From there…I left Getty Images and joined a small but forceful firm: Hammerquist & Nebeker (
Really cool job. We did alot of work for various action sports companies like Petzl, K2, North Face, Cliff Bar, etc.
But music has always been my true passion. So while working for all these agencies…I always stayed up super late to make rock posters for various bands. The bands were smaller and friends at first, but then I started reaching out to bigger bands…and to my surprise people were stoked about my work, and stoked to get some posters done. We got a lot of good feedback from the folks at the Stranger (a few “Poster of the Weeks” in their publication). So, it seemed like we’re were on the right path. So, about 6 months later, I said goodbye to my friends at Hammerquist & Nebeker and tried to pursue a career doing design work for musicians and action sports companies.
I loved working with one of my best friends, Chris Reynolds, so I called him up and told him conceptually what I wanted to do with Us & Them, and he was stoked as well! From there, we’ve been backing each other up, him being in Savannah, GA, us being in Seattle.

RD-What are you working on?

U&T-Printing-wise, we’ve just finished silkscreening our print for the Disco Biscuit’s 4.20 gig in Asheville at the Orange Peel.We’re also working on printing our posters for RJD2’s 2008 Tour. Design-wise, we’re working on a commissioned art print. We’re stoked on it. Something super abstract and free.

RD-Are you doing posters for any if the big summer festivals?

U&T-We’re stoked! We’re doing our first poster for Rogue Wave’s show at the Sasquatch Music Festival this year.

RD-How would you define your style?

U&T-It’s really difficult to define our style. We really try to do our best to graphically represent the bands that we’re working for. Since music is so different / individual, in order to be successful, we try to mix it up. Our main goal is to create something that the band is really proud to rock.

You’ll be seeing a lot of more of these guys in the short future. Check out their work at their site here. Here’s a link to their myspace:





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One Response to “Rock Art Wednesday-Sei Rey Ho & Chris Reynolds”

  1. grandtheory said

    It’s great to see Us & Them featured on your website. Sei is exceptionally talented. I have a number of his screen-printed posters in my collection.

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