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Slash Speaks To Sky News about possible G’n’R reunion

Posted by jhochstat on March 28, 2008


(click icons for full story) tipped us off about a video interview that Slash did with Sky News (uk) reporter Matt Smith. Slash speaks about his life of sobriety, his new range of guitars — and about the odds of GUNS N’ ROSES getting back together.

In the same interview, Slash also refuted comments made by bassist Duff McKagan that VELVET REVOLVER would open for LED ZEPPELIN on a rumored world tour. Slash said, “There’s been a huge rumor going around about us opening for them and I think that was something that was taken out of context. I think as far as ZEPPELIN doing a tour, that remains to be seen.”

So to recap the G’n’R news this week:

Slash talks about a possible G’n’R reunion.

Stone Temple Pilots will tour this summer with Scott Weiland out front. Where does that leave Velvet Revolver?

Duff’s comments about Velvet Revolver being offered the opening slot on the Led Zeppelin tour if/when it happens were taken “out of context”. How can “MY BAND WAS OFFERED THE OPENING SLOT FOR LED ZEPPELIN” be taken out of context?

Dr Pepper calls out Axl RoseOfficial Dr. Pepper Press Release

Axl Rose responds to Dr. Pepper – Press release from Axl regarding Dr. Pepper

Guns & Roses now has the same manager as Scott Weiland G’n’R Press Release / Statement from new G’n’R management also added this tidbit: It is interesting to note that up until recently, Azoff Music also managed VELVET REVOLVER, the band featuring Axl’s former GN’R bandmates Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum. Azoff is continuing to represent VR’s singer, Scott Weiland, an Azoff spokesperson confirmed to BLABBERMOUTH.NET.

Does anyone else see this all turning into a reality tv show or is it just me?


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