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A “taste” of things to come here at Runaway Dinosaur

Posted by jhochstat on March 23, 2008

Well my friend T Rex has decided that we need to spice up the blog a little bit and add some flavor to all of the music stuff, so soon you will see a day dedicated to the world of food, foodies, food media and maybe a little of music & food together.

As with Daily Specials in a restaurant, the content will depend on what is the best available for that day.

Here is a little taste of things to come:

Chef Sam Mason (below) of Tailor Restaurant hosts an online cooking show on littlelogo.png named

(click logo above)

As the description of the show says:

Here’s a cooking show that breaks the mold – the perfect mash-up of indie music and edgy food for total entertainment. Chef Sam Mason has been raising the stakes in the culinary world for the last ten years. Now join him as he invites his favorite touring bands to dinner for an intimate evening of cooking, conversation and live performance. Part rocker, part chef, Mason creates “intellectual food” that stimulates the palate as well as the dialogue.

Rock On!

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