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My band is opening for Led Zeppelin, or is it?

Posted by jhochstat on March 20, 2008

According to a report on the New Music Express website yesterday, Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan has claimed that his band have bagged tour support slots on a supposed future tour with Led Zeppelin. 

    &      ????

The article also states that Ian Astbury of the Cult has claimed that they were tapped for the slot as well.

 &  ??? 

I will believe the hype of a Led Zeppelin tour when the shows for MSG are announced, maybe by then Guns & Roses will be ready for an opening slot as well (Axl are you reading this?)

Really looking forward to the Robert Plant / Alison Krauss tour this summer (Madison Square Garden June 10th & 11th).  Raising Sand is an album that keeps on growing on me after each listen…. 


What do you you think about a Led Zeppelin tour?  Who do you think should get the opening slot?


2 Responses to “My band is opening for Led Zeppelin, or is it?”

  1. jaikara said

    how about Terry Reid?
    it’s not like the Zep is really going to need help selling tickets
    Page kind of owes him one for the whole intro to his mate thing.
    plus he sings his ass off!

    I think it’s great the way these established artists are all stoked on
    getting the support gig.
    part spinal tap, part battle of the bands….classic!

  2. kcneon said

    Yesterday there were also all kind of reports about Velvet Revolver’s demise…so who knows what’s true. I just don’t think Zep will be touring at all. Think Plant wants to leave that behind him.

    But in my dreams GnR would open up for them. 😉

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