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Rock Art Wednesday-Jason Munn

Posted by T Rex on March 11, 2008

Tomorrow down in Austin Flatstock 16 kicks off with poster artists from around the world gathering for the bi-annual convention sponsored by the American Poster Institute. I wish I was there is the understatement of the year. I promised myself that no matter what I’m doing in two years I have to attend the next one and personally meet all the great artists I’ve been interviewing over the past 5 months. Check out the list of exhibitors here.

One of the artists that will be attending is Jason Munn who started his independent design studio The Small Stakes in 2003. He is a worldwide renowned artist in not only screen-printed posters but a range of print materials, including book covers, album packaging, T-shirt designs and illustrations. I was able to catch Jason for a few questions as he was preparing for Flatstock.

RD-Can you tell a little bit about the other projects you are currently working on? Which art form do you like more?
JM-I’m working on quite a few new posters at the moment. Other than posters I’m currently working on a couple different projects for Chronicle Books that I’m pretty excited about along with a few editorial illustrations. My time tends to be split – half doing posters and half on various other commissioned work. I always enjoy making posters, but it’s important for me to do other work as well – keeping a bit of a balance.

RD-Which bands, groups/causes are you currently designing posters for?
JM-Some recent posters include The Dodos, The Magnetic Fields, a Stars -European tour poster and a Nada Surf poster. I’m currently working on a poster for Jens Lekman.

RD-Are you making posters for any of the music festivals this summer?
JM-Nothing planned yet.

RD-Do you do private commissions?
JM-Haven’t done anything like that but I would entertain the idea.

RD-Which poster did you enjoy making the most? Why?
JM-I don’t have a specific favorite, but a couple that I pretty happy with are the couple I’ve done for The Books. Often my posters start out more complicated than they look – often it’s a process of taking away.

Check out Jason’s entire portfolio including his new ones he mentioned at The Small Stakes here.

Also at Gigposters here.






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