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Trent Reznor’s New Experiment a Success

Posted by T Rex on March 5, 2008


Inspired by Radiohead’s success with the ‘In Rainbows’ business model Trent has been experimenting with various distribution methods. His last attempt with Saul Williams was a bust in terms of revenue but priceless in the attention it recieved.  This time around he made his latest album available online with a variety of ways to get it and made 750k in 24hrs. 

His new album is 36 songs, nearly two and a half hours of music — but he’s only offering the first nine songs for free. However, he is offering a variety of choices for people who do want to pay — starting with $5 for a complete download (in a choice of high-quality, DRM-free formats) of all songs plus a 40-page PDF of additional content and a “digital extras pack” with graphics that can be used as wallpaper, icons and anything else.

According to his site, the high-end, $300 premium packages of Ghosts I-IV are already sold out.  The top-tier option was limited to 2,500 copies.  “We have SOLD OUT of the 2500 Limited Edition Packages,” the site declared in bold red.


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