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Digital Music Forum Wrap Up

Posted by T Rex on February 27, 2008


Wired has done a great job of pulling together the highlights from the various panels and speakers from the Digital Music Forum this week in New York. It’s really interesting to read each companies viewpoint on the industry today and the direction music is headed. I highly recommend these links.

The State of the Digital Music Union

Social Networks and Music Discovery: What It Means for Music Businesses

Keynote Interview with Thomas Hesse, Sony/BMG

How Will Recording Artists be Discovered in the Digital Age?

Label and Tech Execs On Marketing Music via Social Networks

Today Allen Klepfisz CEO of Qtrax was interviewd by Marty Lafferty, head of the DCIA(a P2P trade group of which Qtrax is a member). He basically points the finger at the media for the botched launch and promises it will be online soon. Here are my two favorite lines….

– Occasionally one can make a miscalculation.  But if a company spends five years on licensing, one can presume that the company has made progress.  I don’t want to get into specifics.  Soon enough the world will know which licenses we have.  If we can’t get the licenses, there will be time for a second crucifixion.

– It’s not an easy road to change fundamentals in the music industry. Thankfully, we have gone down most of that road… We are very very close to the end of this long journey as far as I’m concerned.

If Qtrax is able to pull off what they claim it will be huge but I like everyone else have doubts.  They don’t have the best track record going so that second crucifixion will be a total massacre.


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