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Rock Art Wednesday-Seripop

Posted by T Rex on February 12, 2008

I apologize for not putting up a Rock Art Wednesday last week, being a one man operation and trying to be successful at my day job as well as here sometimes I get a bit overloaded with work.

To mix things up a bit I took a little different approach for Rock Art Wednesday this week. I wanted to try and get a behind the scenes perspective, see what kind of posters hang on artist’s walls and try to give a more organic feature instead of a straight up interview with a few posters. I’m really happy how it turned out and hope to do some more like this.

Check out the dynamic duo of Seripop, Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau out of Montreal who not only create posters together but make music and rock in their band, Aids Wolf.



We are Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau of Seripop.

We started up Seripop in 2002 , mostly to make posters for our own bands and for shows we were organizing around Montreal. Things kinda snowballed from there pretty quickly.

We initially quit our day jobs in 2002 to be contract printers full time but quickly phased it cause a) we weren’t that great at printing other people’s work and b) demand from our own designs picked up pretty fast and was more fun & rewarding (although at the time MUCH less lucrative). We spent a few years eeking out a living mostly masking and selling posters and getting jobs from bands to do album covers and shirt designs.

We traveled a lot , both exhibiting our prints anywhere that would have us as well as touring with our band , aids wolf. Both led to us meeting more and more bands wanting to hire us and got us a fair bit of press.

In 2006 we got picked up by an artist rep based on the album cover we did for our own band and since then our poster production has slowed down a fair bit. We’re also on the road 3-4 months out of the year so our days of doing 100 posters in a year like we did in 2003 and 2004 are long gone.

We divide our time between doing commercial illustration , design , posters , playing music and doing more and more personal fine art projects. We’re actively trying to pursue venues to exhibit our silk-screened sculpture work and installations.

See Seripop’s posters, shots of their studio which overlooks Montreal and some of their favorite artwork hanging on their walls after the jump……



Check out Seripop’s website and all of Seripop’s work on Gigposters here.

The music scene in Montreal is pretty happening , both in terms of local bands and in terms lots of national and international acts stopping over on tour. Our fave locals are Thames , CPC Gangbangs, and Ghost Limbs.

There are lots of great music fests here , our favorites being pop Montreal (one week of shows , happening all over the city in every genre. It’s similar to CMJ or SXSW but much more grassroots and community oriented) and Suoni Per Il Popolo (month long avant garde music fest).

We’re mostly involved with the more underground avant rock scene (rotating around the venues Casa Del Popolo , Sala Rossa and Zoobizarre) as well as a few loft/house venues) and many of the bands we do posters for sleep on our futons when they come trough town. Our place sometimes feels like a hostel for traveling bands.


The photos are of our work area at the 100 sided die . The 100 sided die is a collective art space in Montreal’s historic mile end district. Our warehouse is on the 12th floor of a factory building (yes , there are still some active textile factories there) and is a shared space that houses studios of printmakers , painters , fashion designers and 3 bands. It’s often messy. We’ve had it since November 2004, there’s always a pretty solid core of folks working there. Although few of them are on or even online at all , there’s quite a few print-makers and poster artists in Montreal keeping things weird and interesting on an aesthetic level.



We’re working now on an art installation for our upcoming show in Chicago. it’s called RADAR EYES : THE ALTERED STATES OF PRINTMAKING and will be at at Co-Prosperity Sphere ( ) , in Chicago. It opens March 7th.

We’re having it so half the gallery is a group show of tripped out nu-psych prints and the other half is a giant installation piece by us. Our installation will included a series of art prints , wallpaper and giant paper sculptures.

In time for our show , we’re also working on a silk-screened book called MONSTER GUARDED. I’ve been posting lo-fi process pics in OUR blog.

At the same time , we’re cranking out the tshirts and record covers as usual . Mostly for our own band , AIDS wolf ( lately. We have 2 records coming out plus a pile of tour dates that need merch.

This is a poster that hangs right over my desk , it’s one of our prize possessions and we picked it up at a flea market in Berlin for 20 euros. We’re huge fans of polish posters and plan to buy a pile more on our next trip overseas.


Here’s another prized poster. It’s by our pal Keith Herzik and we got it from him while visiting Chicago years ago. It’s printed on plastic and is also hanging in our office.


This one is by Mille Putois aka Simon Bosse , a Montreal poster/comic artist who was our inspiration to jump in! Our copy was stolen off a mailbox and is pretty wrinkled. It hangs in our “guest room” above the futon that half the noise rock scene has soiled.

Thanks Chloe!!!


2 Responses to “Rock Art Wednesday-Seripop”

  1. Dan Grzeca said

    So Rad. Looking forward to the show in March!

  2. bobby said

    Hey there,

    I’m the photographer who took these. Could you please add a mention?
    Thanks in advance.

    Bobby Salinas.

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