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Lovelive Channel

Posted by T Rex on February 12, 2008

I’m a big fan of these type of companies starting to spring up. I have always wondered why more US venues don’t do this already which up until now has been slowed by three major roadblocks having to do with technology, audience and record labels. Hopefully, along with everything else in the industry this also changes. 

An upcoming web site called Lovelive Channel, an Internet-delivered TV service for live concerts, has been developed by Beggars Group, Mama Group and Perform Group. Warner Music International will provide video production expertise. Most of the concerts, up to 300 a year, will be free and supported by advertising. Users can pay for an exclusive premium section.

Up to 300 gigs a year will be filmed at five of Mama Group’s live music venues, including London’s Jazz Café and The Garage, which are being converted to include TV-studio facilities.


See Wired’s article calling 2008 the year of the live music webcast.


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