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33 1/3

Posted by T Rex on February 12, 2008


“33⅓ is a series of books written about important and/or seminal music albums.”

Idolator highlights the KPEX Blog which has a cool article about one man’s quest to read all 53 of the 33 1/3 books. These books are not light reading the guy didn’t even finish 1 out of the 2 he’s started with.

One great one is Exile on Main Street which is about the band’s adventures creating the historic album and a fairly easy and enjoyable read. The majority are tough reads and written for the elite music fan. I’ve picked up a few at the bookstore and paged through them and they are so dry and technical I’ve put it right down.

I’ve got Exile on Main Street, Let it Be, Achtung Baby and OK Computer under my belt.



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