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Rock Art Wednesday-John Seabury

Posted by T Rex on January 29, 2008

On the quest to discover artists and posters for Rock Art Wednesday I decided this week to go straight to Gigposters and ask who should I know about? I didn’t want to just focus on the artists who’s work I was familiar with so I asked the pros for help. The response was overwhelming and I can assure everyone there are many great Wednesday’s ahead. Going forward along with the interviews I’m going to try to start giving some tips on framing, preservation, value, exhibitions, stores, etc….As I started to sift through all the recommended names I quickly found my artist after seeing his aquatic, animal themed Les Claypool poster. For the last Rock Art Wednesday in January welcome to the world of John Seabury.

On a side note…..

The art gallery at University of Maryland is having a poster exhibition that showcases artists and the techniques taking place in silk-screened rock posters. Sweet: The Graphic Beauty of the Contemporary Rock Poster features twenty-nine of the leading artists/groups of silk screened contemporary rock posters, on view Wednesday February 6 through Saturday March 29. 2008.

John Seabury was born in 1956 drew a lot of pictures, learned how to play music and is still alive playing and drawing in 2008.

RD- How did you get started?

JS- I was going to art school(SFAI) and doing freelance graphics for Berserkly Records when we started the Psycotic Pineapple. I got fed up with art school and quit, and doing graphics for the band became my main artistic outlet.

RD- What is The Psycotic Pineapple?

JS- A “Rock” band. And a description of the band’s spiritual leader, Pynoman.
RD- Describe your technique.

JS- I have worked in many techniques, if you mean currently making posters, I do combinations of traditional silkscreen, (multiple layers of drawings, rubylith), and computer aided layouts. The Megadeth poster was a full color digital file made of scans of four drawings and typography scanned from a library book.Printed four color process litho. Much of my imagery comes from freehand ink drawings and paper collages made from old engravings and textbook illustrations. My wife Roni, is also my model, and I have worked from life and from photographs of her.

RD- Favorite concert you ever went to? Who are your top 3 bands?

JS- I really hate those “top ten” type questions, because there’s so much that I love, I always have to leave out so much. I’ll pick three bands out of my hat, in no particular order: The Coasters, The Sonics and The Mother Of Invention.
The same goes for concerts, three out of the hat: AC/DC and Ted Nugent at Monsters of Rock 1979, Oakland (Aerosmith sucked, though),the Sex Pistols at Winterland, and any of the Roky Erickson and the Aliens shows we opened for at the Mabuhay and other venues.

RD- What are you currently working on?

JS- The last couple of weeks have been quiet, trying to figure out how to make more money doing what I do. Most of December, besides Xmas and my wedding, I did two CD package designs, one for Rhino, Zuzu’s Petals “Kicking our Own Asses”, and one for a local blues band, the Howlers “Red Handed”. I did two European posters, one for QOTSA and one for Megadeth. I also painted a “tribute” faux album cover for a show honoring Alex Steinweiss, father of the illustrated album cover. Executed entirely in nail polish. I’ve also been doing my music homework, since the gigs have been pretty thin lately, I’m “going solo” to get more local work.

RD- Name 2 posters not yours that you own.

JS- Little Richard at Berkeley Community Theater,1969,I think, and Scrojo’s “John Seabury Solo at Beckett’s Pub” 2007.
RD- How can people contact you and buy your work?

JS- Just ask my email is . I also have stuff up for sale on classifieds and on ebay, occasionally. It’s always good to come to the various poster shows I attend, I’ll be at Off the Wall Gallery Feb.16th, we’re having a “going away” show, since they’re moving out. Too bad, I love that place. They’ve been very good to all the poster artists over the years. Check out John’s website here.


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