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Paul McGuinness Speech Calls on ISP’s

Posted by T Rex on January 29, 2008


There is other buzz at MIDEM besides the QTrax debacle . Yesterday, U2 manager Paul McGuinness made a passionate speech on the state of music.

(You can’t get a better Irish name than McGuinness.)

“It is time for ISPs to be real partners. The safe harbours of the 1990s are no longer appropriate, and if ISPs do not cooperate voluntarily there will need to be legislation to require them to cooperate.” Paul McGuinness

The full script of the speech as made byPaul McGuinness here.

The IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry)  is also calling on the ISP’s here.

Read Bob Lefsetz’s equally passionate reaction to McGuinness’s speech here.


“Paul McGuinness just pulled a Metallica here. Another uninformed rich music industryite with no idea how the Internet and technology truly work is only going to end up a sideshow, with egg on his face. Metallica has spent almost a decade trying to come back from the brink. Will it take McGuinness that long? It will take the music business at least that long if they listen to him.” Bob Lefsetz


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