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Pouring Gas on the Fire

Posted by T Rex on January 28, 2008


Jimmy Page spoke to reporters in Tokyo this weekend and did his best to keep the hype alive. He claims Zeppelin is more that ready for a world tour but it won’t happen until Plant finishes his tour with Allison Krauss.

“I can assure you the amount of work that we put into the O2, for ourselves rehearsing and the staging of it was probably what you put into a world tour,” he explained

Page added that due to frontman Robert Plant’s solo commitments, fans would have to wait at least until the fall before anything happens.

Robert Plant has a parallel project running and he’s really busy with that project,” he explained. “Certainly until September, so I can’t give you any news.”

Robert Plant was interviewed by Jill Martin of MSG TV at the Knicks/Sixers game on Friday night. He talked about playing the Garden, his tour with Allison Krauss and the chances of playing Madison Square Garden again as Zeppelin.

See video of the interview here.


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