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Posted by T Rex on January 27, 2008


At the MIDEM conference in Cannes, QTrax announced deals with all of the major music labels and publishers to offer the first free and legal ad-supported P2P service to include major label music. QTrax will have a start-up music library of over 25 million songs which is about four times bigger than iTunes and 100% free.

The songs will be wrapped in Microsoft’s Windows Media subscription DRM. Unlike imeem and, Qtrax downloads can be stored indefinitely on PCs and transferred onto portable music players.

As of now, the tracks are not compatible with the Apple iPod, but Klepfisz said that the service would be compatible with iPods in March.

“We’ve had a technical breakthrough which enables us to put songs on an iPod without any interference from FairPlay,” said Allan Klepfisz, Qtrax’s president and chief executive.

Klepfisz declined to give specifics on how Qtrax will make its audio files compatible with Apple devices, but noted that “Apple has nothing to do with it.”

Read The Associate Press article on QTrax here.

Read Wired’s review of QTrax here.


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