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Rock Art Wednesday-Allen Jaeger

Posted by T Rex on January 22, 2008


The outlaw of poster pop culture.

“My art represents the band, the fan and an expression of what I feel as one of the fans. I am ONE of the real deals.”

“I do not consider myself part of this poster pop culture click, it has become something I hate and do not consider myself one of them. I am just a fan of what I like and that is it. We as a whole are not better than the other. If it were up to me I would have the whole human race including myself extinct from the universe. Maybe that way the universe and all the other species that exist can live in harmony.”-Allen Jaeger

I think we should all be happy that Allen Jaeger is making posters and not in charge of universal decisions. He is a true artist is every sense of the word and I have enjoyed the banter with him in trying to get this done. I’ve been after him for a few months to let me do this and I think he’ll agree he didn’t make it easy but well worth the wait. His Rock Art Wednesday feature coincides with the arrival of his 2004 State Theater Ween poster (below) that he sent me and also Ween kicks off the next phase of the La Cucaracha tour in DC tonight. Good things happen in 3’s theory proved true once again.

Take a good look at his work and you will see there are clearly no puppy dogs, rainbows or unicorns in this man’s mind. His unique style brings small children and weak adults to tears. I’m stoked to be adding one of his pieces to my walls and look forward to the other gem that he is holding for me.

The best piece of advice I can give is one that many people have said for years….if there is a poster out there that you want first contact the artist directly. The artist feels really good their work is going to into someone’s hands that really wants it and the majority of the time you’re going to get a much better price. My hunt to add key pieces to my collection is what spawned Rock Art Wednesday.

Allen Jaeger’s website is and anything can be obtained directly through him at his email at Check out his work here.

He was born February 24, 1973 and has spent his entire life living in New Orleans, Louisiana which means his home and print shop got blasted by Katrina.

RD-Did you lose a lot of your work in the storm?
AJ-Yes…I did and it is the past now and I put it aside, I lost my print supplies which I have been rebuilding my supply back slowly, 12 years of supplies is not that easy to get back , but experience you can not take away. I remember coming back to my home where I printed
and seeing the roof ripped off, by this time the water went down, the area were I was in got 2 feet of water, my stock art ( older prints and others )were on the second floor. Well, where the water came in from the roof it fused a few stacks of art together and ruined it all. But before the storm I was going to do a trade show so I had a crate packed ready to go with a few of everything and my rare stuff….that was my Noah’s Ark and it has helped me since the storm. I do not own a lot of the older prints and if I do they are not for sale. They are mine and what I have left to remember a few accomplishments. Every once in a while I list a few on Ebay, but not as frequent as I did.”

Rob Zombie August 29th 2005 poster. Show never happened Katrina hit.
RD-When a band hires you do a poster do they give you any kind of guidelines or do they let you be 100% original?

AJ-Yes, when I get hired I have guidelines, but 90%of the time they let me do what I want due to my track record, I always do a poster design that pertains to the bands music and vibe and most important fans ( such as myself) would appreciate. I have been doing this for 15 years now and what is important is that I deliver the best art that fits the project , if not I do not take the job. I have been offered some big jobs in the mainstream but turned them down because I did not feel anything for the project. I believe it is important the art goes with the project 100 percent, if not, it is just what everyone else does, just art with a name of it. I have bigger standards than those and believe I have a responsibility to deliver something other than a devil girl and hot rods. There is a big world out there and I’d rather not limit myself to the trends.
RD-What is the most complex poster you’ve designed and how long did it take?

AJ-My most complex poster was for a band called SKINNY PUPPY, the project was total of 28 screens, the job took me 2 weeks to produce the poster in an edition on 100. this set is my crown jewel in printing and I might never get to do it again, the labor that went into it was painful. Waking up 9am and printing from then till 2 am for 2 weeks, that was pain. I print everything with my bare hands all alone, I believe art should be produced by the artist himself as much as possible. the more hands involved in the project the less personal. I take my art seriously, everything passes my hands before it is let out.
RD-What are you currently working?

AJ-I have a few projects going, a few I’m not mentioning until the deals are done and art is done. My next poster with be for MINISTRY which is already to go , it is a variation of one of the tour shirt designs I did for this tour coming up called the ” CU laTOUR 08″ it’s Ministry last and final tour. Ministry is one of the bands I have known from the beginning and it was a honor for them to mortalize my art for this tour. I also have been doing some oil painting, something different fro my silk screen craft but I enjoy it very much, the limits of effects with that media are different, it allows me to try other things.


2 Responses to “Rock Art Wednesday-Allen Jaeger”

  1. great feature. Allen Jaeger is one of the BEST!

  2. Shane said

    Interesting feature. But Allen is a j@ckass.

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